Attract Mode is Back

August 6, 2012 - By

Attract Mode Photos

After too long an absence, Attract Mode is back—and sporting a fresh new design courtesy of Cory Schmitz! Why have we been gone so long?

A little history:

I launched Attract Mode almost four years ago as an online shop and blog focused on video game culture. Early on I was fortunate to collaborate with Eric Nakamura and Giant Robot on the artxgame project, teaming up artists and indie game makers to create small games for exhibition in a gallery setting.

Not long after, Matt Hawkins joined Attract Mode and helped us do even more cool projects, like the Heavenly Symphony show at Babycastles. During this time, a bunch of other incredible people helped mold Attract Mode in their own ways, making it much greater than anything I could have hoped to achieve on my own.

Then the website database crashed.

And the site stayed down for the past year and a half while Matt and I worked on more important things in our lives. We still kept up with a few projects like the bi-monthly Game Nights at GR2 and Comics vs Games in Toronto, but I just didn’t have it in me to resurrect the site. Shipping products and managing the store took up way too much of my personal time, and the inventory took up way too much of my dining room.

Then earlier this year, the fine crew at Fangamer offered to manage the entire shop if I relaunched the site. I still wasn’t all that interested in running Attract Mode as a business though, so Matt and I decided to open this thing up and make it a collective. The same people who helped make Attract Mode what it is are now members that will be contributing directly to the site and any other endeavors. (Check them out in the left sidebar!)

Now that Attract Mode is no longer my thing but our thing, I’m excited to see where it goes!