Fangamer X Attract Mode

Last year, we teamed up with our pals at Fangamer to throw a party like no other in Seattle. People immediately demanded more, so we’re finally back for round two.

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August 31, 2013
7:00 PM - 11:30 PM
1927 Events
1927 3rd Ave
Seattle, WA 98101

Fangamer X Attract Mode

It’s going to be everything you loved about Fangamer VERSUS Attract Mode, except bigger, and bolder, and flat out better. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, get ready for Fangamer X Attract Mode.

Again, our Saturday night shindig will have it all…

GALAK-Z, by 17-BIT (Skulls of the Showgun). It’s sole reason why we’ll all be getting a PlayStation 4; save yourself the headache and heartache of waiting in line for hours on the crowded show-floor for just a teeny-tiny taste when you can instead savor its many splendors all night along.

Synchroma, by CAPY (Sword & Sworcery, Super Time Force). For the first time ever, this CAPYJAM creation is being made available to the public. You absolutely not want to miss this one (and possibly only) chance to experience CAPY‘s normally behind the closed doors awesomeness, and in its purest form.

Danimal Cannon, the 8bit rockstar known world over. He literally tore the house down last year, and wants to finish the job by taking care of the rest of the block.

Jake Kaufman, aka Virt. He’s the only game musician working today that’s truly qualified to reinterpret DuckTales Remastered‘s moon theme, nuff said.

Super Soul Bros is an ensemble that specializes in infusing jazz/funk/soul into some of you favorite game melodies. They’ll help the set the tone for the night, nice and proper.

Taking center stage are the artists who have handpicked to by do what they do best: tap into our collective love for and fascination with video games, via their ability to draw, paint, sculpt, Photoshop, etc [current as of 8/13]…

Mariel Cartwright, Mingjue Helen Chen, Cherry Slug, Steve Courtney, Ashley Davis, Daniel Dussault, Dominique Ferland, Kari Fry, Jacob Ferguson, Kyle Fewell, Zac Gorman, Nicole Gustafsson, Junkboy, Melissa King, Corey Lewis, Andrew Lockhart, Jon Magram, Mikey Mann, Chad Manzo, Kris Mukai, Maré Odomo, OMOCAT, Timothy J. Reynolds, Luis Santiago, Asif Siddiky, Jacob Smiley, Kelly Smith, Space Coyote, Babs Tarr, Jovan Velkosk, Ventla, Mikko Walamies, Campbell Whyte, Laura Wilson, Drew Wise, and Camille Young

Our custom cocktails from last year were such a hit that we’ve asked Mitch Hutts, who runs the finest blog dedicated to the intersection of gaming and booze, The Drunken Moogle, to create drinks just for the occasion.

You’ll also find complimentary appetizers and non-alcoholic beverages as well.

The chance to play mind-blowing indie games, dance to some hot ‘n heavy chiptune beats, and admire some soul-stirring artwork, all for just TEN DOLLARS.