It’s Like Sega Rally, Except You’re Driving A Car In Real Life… A Tiny One

November 30, 2012 - By - Tags: ,

The name Sega Rally Championship RC Cars Project alone should tell you everything you need to know. But just in case:

A pair of circuit benders at Sapo Codebits, described as “the geek event in Portugal” by one of the men involved, took a pair of Sega Rally 1 arcade cabinets and modified them to control remote control cars.

The view of the action is comparable to playing a video game, and the hack itself is fairly reminiscent of what that one dude did, who modded an OutRun cab to function as an actual vehicle. Except it’s not nearly as dangerous.

Also, because there are two different cameras on the RC car, you also have a slightly third person view to choose from, which is how I generally play my racing games.

You can view behind the scenes pics here, which also features some neat look at the insides of the aforementioned Sega racer, for those who are into such things (I am). Via ALBOTAS.