Only 48 Hours Remain To Support LA Game Space

First thing’s first, and in case you haven’t heard: the LA Game Space Kickstarter has reached it’s goal! A hearty thank you to everyone who chipped in and helped to make it happen, as well spreading the word!

And congratulations to both Adam and Daniel, for such a tremendous job of exciting everyone’s imagination in the first place. The world of video games has long needed a place like LA/GS and thank goodness it’s finally happening.

Yes it’s in Los Angeles, which is not close by for most people reading this (myself included). But rest assured, the place that Mr. Robezzoli and Mr. Rehn are hoping to build will forge new territory the medium, and the end result will be felt in every corner of this earth, without question.

Once again, it’s all thanks to you, for believing in the dream. But we’re only getting started! And, there’s literally a new reason to contribute, with every passing day practically…

Adam mentioned already how just FIVE DOLLARS down gets you a brand new game by Keita Takahashi X Adam Saltsman, plus Maré reminded us all that the LA/GS Game Pack (which includes 30 different titles for only $15, with the much anticipated Pendleton Ward X Bennet Foddy collab being a definite highlight) makes a great gift.

But have you seen the recently unveiled LA/GS shirt designed by Mr. Scott Pilgrim himself, Bryan Lee O’Malley?

Or the Katamari-inspired Meat Bun design, which is another LA/GS exclusive?

What about the just unveiled Pen Ward design?

Remember, one of the above is yours if you pay at the $55 level, and you can easily nab another; it’s just $20 for each additional tee. Don’t forget the eBoy designed one as well; choices, choices, choices!

Now, for those who are unable to contribute via Amazon for whatever reason, you’re covered as well. But believe it or not, there’s even more: if you contribute at least $125 via PayPal, you have the opportunity to nab one of four long out of print chiptunes albums in the form of NES cartridges. Plus, you can get all four carts for just $400.

Not only that, but for $275, you can also an ultra limited edition LA Game Space cartridge featuring Enso X Alex Mauer X Batsly Adaams X NO CARRIER. Again, these are all ultra rare, as well as ultra collectable, though the most important part is how, this is seriously your only chance to get ahold of such goodness.

Once the time runs out, they’re gone, end of story. And how much is that? Exactly 48 hours. Actually, less than by the time you actually read this. The future of video games has officially never looked brighter, and with your help, it can be even more so!