“It’s weird. You’re just a collection of pixels, but I worried.”

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With just FIVE days till Christmas, it’s safe bet that some of you are still looking for last minute gift ideas. And since the shipping deadlines have already passed for a Fangamer ♥ Attract Mode print (though they make excellent New Year’s presents, FYI), you may need something a tad bit more readily available.

Thankfully, if you’re close to a comic shop, then your best bet is the thing you see above. In Real Life, by Cory Doctorow and Jen Wang. and published First Second, is about a young woman who decides to enter the wild world of MMOs, where she still ends up coming face to face with the real world…

When a cool gamer girl comes visits her school, and asks if any other female players are up to joining her clan, Anda decides to sign up for Coarsegold Online. There she immediately stumbles upon adventure and friendship. One of these other players is leading the charge against the torn in the sides of many MMO players: gold farmers…

Anda decides to join the cause, not just because it’s supposedly the right thing to do, but due to the fact that she can also make a decent chunk of change in the process. Yet things change when she tries to communicate with said farmers…

Eventually Anda befriends one, and finds out why this person is a gold farmer in the first place. All of a sudden, the complications of real life start to make their way in her pixelated escape. Oh, and her mom starts asking questions too…

In Real Life’s primary audience appears to be young girls, but I can’t recommend the book enough to pretty much anyone. Especially those who are interested in the convergence of gaming, culture, economics, and politics. Also, Jen Wang’s art has never looked better. If a bookstore isn;t nearby, you can still get it via Amazon if you have Amazon Prime.

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Hard To Hunt & The Spy Who Killed The Spy

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A recent post on miki800.com caught my eye, of what I believe to be some kind of a give away that took place during a recent chiptune show.

And the one prize that piqued my interest the most, more so than the Kage (from Virtua Fighter) doll and box of Street Fighter 2 curry (it’s supposed as hot as a yoga flame) was the shirt you see above. By an outfit I had never heard of before, called studio80-80.

Their Facebook page is chock full of rad designs, reminiscent of what you’d commonly find at Japanese hardcore/punk shows. But they feel even grungier/low-fi than what Hardcore Chocolate dishes up (which admittedly is not a fair comparison, at least these days).

Here’s a few others that I dig…

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Fangamer ♥ Attract Mode… For Sale

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Today’s the day in which everyone does their holiday shopping online. And if you’re still looking for something special for that special someone, may I suggest stopping by the Attract Mode Shop?

Because that’s where you’ll (finally) find artwork from Fangamer ♥ Attract Mode! Please note that certain prints are made to order, so they may take a few weeks for something to arrive. Whereas others are one of a kind, so when they’re gone, they’re gone.

Point being, I’d suggest making those purchases sooner than later! You can check out all our ♥ pieces here. Be sure to also check out our entire assortment of available prints from shows past here.

The Nanoloop One And Two

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Sorry if I’m late to the party, but did you know that the “original alternate” in chiptune creation software (even if it did predate LSDJ by one year) is back in physical form? But instead of looking like a regular ol’ Game Boy cart, the Nanoloop One is simply an exposed circuit board, and a gorgeous looking one at that.

Here’s how it appears while in use…

Again, pretty as all heck, though given how I often see chiptuners swap carts in the midst of their set, I have to wonder if the new form comes at the cost of functionality. Anyhow, it’s available right this second, for just 29 Euros! Given how long the original stuck around, which wasn’t long, and how much they go for on eBay nowadays, which is a lot, serious parties should waste no time.

As for those who prefer making tunes via the Game Bay Advance (hey, different strokes for different folks), there’s the forthcoming Nanoloop Two

And it sounds amazing as well! Even when you yank it out of a GBA while in mid-use…

Sunburn! New game from Attract Mode Member Diego Garcia

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Your ship is gone.
Your crew is scattered.
One option remains.
Gather your crew…

and jump into the sun.

Hey Attract Mode! Diego here. I’m super excited to announce the release of my new studio’s debut game, Sunburn!. It’s a space-based action-puzzler with a dash of existential dread, out for iPhone and iPad today. In the face of inevitable death, at least we can take comfort in hangin’ out in space with our friends!

I’m really proud of this game, the first release with my new indie studio here in NYC, Secret Crush. I hope you’ll check it out and let us know what you think! Hopefully this release means I can start catching up with the Portable Weekend Mix…!

A Celebration Of The Video Game, One That Is Available For Purchase

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Remember that book on game culture I mentioned last year, the one on Kickstarter that sounded super promising and also looked mighty sexy to boot? Well, Every Day Is Play recently showed up in the mailboxes of all its contributors and backers, and I’m delighted to report that it manages to live up to expectations, plus then some.

Though if you missed out the chance to snag a copy the first time around, you’re in luck. Cuz it so happens that a few extras were forwarded to our mutual pals at Fangamer, since they’re basically the experts when it comes to distributing game related goodies with TLC. Which is also why Attract Mode is proud to offer Every Day Is Play in our own shop as well!

Time To Rejoice; Classics Of Game Is Back

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It’s November 12, 2014, aka the day Christmas came early this year. How so? Well, because it’s also the day in which Classics Of Game finally posted an update after an 18+ month hiatus. Was getting kinda worried for a little while there!

Classics Of Game is yet another obsession that can be traced all the way back to my days at GameSetWatch; to recap, each video presents a few precious seconds of gameplay from something that’s either impossible to identify (which is no easy feat, given that virtually every artifact of gaming obscurity has been given the pat down by YouTube personalities at this point) or can be pinpointed, but is played in an equally odd fashion.

If anyone knows what the game above is, which looks to be an OutRun clone, but with some Scottish fellow on a bike, please let me know. Anyhow, here are a few other favorites of mine…

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