Game of the Year 2014 Will Not Be Titanfall, But Dad Face

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Time once again to survey the Instragrammed landscape, and admire all the weird and wonderful ways in which video games are represented.

That also includes people doing their best to deal with the cold weather. We’ve seen how Israel slides down a mountain already, around this time last year, come to think of it.

And if you’re thinking of doing the same, better dress for the occasion. In that instance, I’d highly recommend Infinity Shred’s brand new line of winter apparel…

Who out there enjoys scarfs? Pixelated scarves, to be exact. Well, be sure to check out what Dannel is sporting! Something that Jeff Donaldson, aka Notendo, has come up with…

Though as Angela Musser demonstrates, sometimes you just need the right tools to tackle the cold. Like Minecraft blade, IRL. Also, a chainsaw and Guy Fawkes mask…

Or you could just stay indoors, where it’s nice an toasty, and play some games! Doesn’t even have to be the electronic kind either, like Diego‘s kid sister(?) demonstrates…

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Let’s All Help Make Tiny Cartridge Even More Awesome

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Fellow Attract Mode Collective members Eric and JC are best known as the driving forces behind Tiny Cartridge, aka best damn blog dedicated to portable gaming out there, period. They also do a superb job of covering toys, apparel, zines, fan art, chiptunes, and game culture in general!

But it’s not easy keeping the good ship Tiny Cart up and running, and every single day without fail. Which is why they’re asking for a modest amount of support, so I say we all chip in and show them our love! Because the fact of the matter is this: not only is Tiny Cartridge the greatest thing ever, it’s also part of a dying breed.

Specialized blogs maintained by everyday folk have fallen to the wayside, who have largely moved onto social media to spread their word. In their place are blogs that are owned and operated like businesses, with a staff of many. Which is cool, but many attempt to be all encompassing, since they seemingly have the resources. Yet something’s always missing…

And that’s what Eric and JC do best; Tiny Cart highlights things that either no else has/would otherwise, or perhaps more importantly, the things we take for granted in video games. All in such a warm and inviting manner to boot. So please check out their Patreon page; toss them a few bucks and get some really cool stuff in return! Along with their heartfelt gratitude.

Might I recommend the Gold level? That way you can swap friend codes with the guys. Why, I remember checking out Eric’s Animal Crossing town once, and out of the blue, the creator of Nyan Cat showed up! So who knows what surprises await for supporters of Tiny Cartridge. And I have been told that there are plenty in store!

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I Love Buttons Too

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This blog isn’t usually a platform for discussing current events, but here goes anyway: as you may have heard, Nintendo has seen better days. Perhaps due to disappointing Wii U sales, coupled with the belief that their future lies with iOS &am Android among industry analysts and people on the street alike, a rumor began circulating that the house that Mario build was going to finally cave and produce mini games for smart phones.

Nintendo flat out said that’s not happening, and speaking as an old school Sega fan, one who still remembers what going multi-platform did to that company, that’s a huge relief. And it’s not like Nintendo couldn’t do a kick ass job; they were working with touchscreens before the iPhone even existed, after all.

I love all the games that my iPhone 5S has been able to deliver; it’s why I want an iPad Air as well. Heck, I also want a Nexus 7 or Moto G, just cuz. But when it comes to gaming that’s entirely in the palm of your hands, I simply prefer the games on my 3DS (and Vita) a tad bit more. And that’s because I just love buttons, hence the video above.

Oh, and buttons are much easier to deal on days like these, when you need to wear gloves. Touch screens, not so much! BTW, the above is by Nicolas Magnier, who also runs GamOvr, which has long been a favorite place of mine for random game related imagery.

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25 Years Later And The Genesis Still Does (Some Amazing Things)

January 13, 2014 - By

Apologizes if it’s old news, but I only recently discovered the clip above. And for those who have no clue what they’re seeing/what they just saw, it’s an oldie but goodie from Nico Nico that has been completely reengineered to play on the Sega Genesis.

You can compare it with the original clip here. It’s a follow up to something from a year prior and is far closer to the source material, as one can tell. Though as a fan of chunky pixels, the first attempt to not too shabby, IMHO. But yeah, it’s legit Mega Drive/Genesis code; imagine if the above had come out during the 16-bit wars? Unfortunately, Twitter and much of the internet that we’re familiar with didn’t exist back then, but it’s a safe bet that the editors at EGM and that guy who worked at FuncoLand would have been beside themselves.

Unfortunately, even if someone had been able to create such a thing, the final cartridge would have been cost prohibitive. The demo weighs in at 8 megabytes (or 8MB). When you consider how the first 6 megabit cartridge was Phantasy Star 2, and how it retailed for about $80 upon its debut, and also how 8 megabits is equal to 1 megabyte… Sorry, I’m bad at math and therefore clueless about the exact amount, but it would cost a lot I bet.

Anyhow, one can run Bad Apple on actual Genesis hardware, with the proper flash cart. And now I have a second reason to pick one up, with the first being that Starfox demo. Also, time for a quick bonus vid: the following sees if the Genesis is able to break the maximum number of colors that be displayed simultaneously, which is 64. Some guy not only really loves the Genesis but either has a bright future in creating motion graphics for ESPN or already has that job:

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The Year Of Luigi: The Book

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It’s 2014! And you know what that means… Yup, we are no longer in the Year of Luigi. Something that both Eric and JC are having a hard time processing, over at their normal digs.

But this just this in: Matthew Kenyon, whom you might recall as the force behind Every Day Is Play, has just unveiled Game Icons. Described as “the first in a series of books focusing on legendary icons of gaming”, the very first installment is centered on… you guessed it… the better half of the Mario Bros.

You can find more info here, including the entire line up of contributors, 32 in total. Or ”32 Bits of Art & Design by 32 Artists” to be exact. And, hey, our very own Cory Schmitz is included!

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Santa Samus Is Coming To Your Mailbox

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For those who wanted to get their hands on one (or maybe all) of Attract Mode’s Bit Bazaar: Winter Market exclusive holiday cards, but couldn’t make it to Toronto this past weekend, some good news!

Our fine friends at Bento Miso have them available online right this second. $20 CAD gets you the entire set of four, shipping and handling included. Best part? They’ll ship to both Canada and the United States.

Quantities are limited, plus I’d also suggest ordering them ASAP to make sure that they arrive in time for Christmas!

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Samurai Gunn Everybody

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My good buddy Beau Blyth‘s multiplayer masterpiece, Samurai Gunn, launches today!

Beau is an expert at crafting excellent “let’s all play a game on the couch together” experiences, and Samurai Gunn is by far his best yet. It’s extremely simple to pick up and play, but offers deep reaction-based choices for the expert rōnin.

That Doseone soundtrack!

That Cory + Maré logo!

Guest vocal performances by yours truly, Lamar AbramsKatie MitroffThe ChairmanMeowcus, and many more lovable internet friends!

We’ve been playing early versions of this game all year, and I can’t wait for all of you to join in on the fun. It’s my favorite game of the year, and our go-to game whenever friends/enemies come over.

You can get it at or on Steam.

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