“The Genius of Pokemon… Goes From Being A Craze To An Entire World Order”

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We’ve all heard the same sounds bites of clueless newscasters and religious zealots, warning parents everywhere of the danger that is the Pokemon craze, literally a thousand times. But set to The Jackson 5? That’s news to me!

As is Neil Cicierega, who apparently is the new hot thing on the internet. I only just heard about the guy via a fine pal up north, Robby Duguay, who asked how he could get such clear stems to work from.

I simply figured he knew people who at record companies, specifically those who prep songs for karaoke. But then some lite Googling led me to this recent Fast Company article about Cicierega, in which reveals a far more curious (and surprisingly video game related) source:

“I found all these collections of the raw instrument tracks from all these songs–a lot of them were from the game Rock Band. People had taken the data from that game and turned them into unofficial remix packs of the songs… Once I found this huge collection, I was like, ‘Oh, I can sift through this and have fun all I want,’ so I just started downloading dozens and dozens of songs, and pairing them up randomly to see if anything would work.”

So all you mashup mixmasters out there can thank Harmonix for going to such great lengths and procuring the raw material for you to mess with.

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Portable Weekend Mix #14 // Blue Sky Vibes

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Woah. It’s a beautiful day today! The sky is clear and the breeze is so right. Maybe it’s because of Portable Weekend Mix #14, carefully crafted to send Blue Sky Vibes right into your jamzone.

Games to keep near while u hear:

❀ Sonic Advance (GBA)
☼ Pikachu’s Beach (Pokemon Yellow minigame, GBA)
✿ Flower (PSVita)

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I’d Rather Share A Coke With Panzer Dragoon Saga, Thank You Very Much

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Via Radiant Silvergal.

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The Gates To DE▲TH M✝N Have Opened

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Friend of Attract Mode, Mike McWhertor, is once again giving us mortals the opportunity to both sheathe our skin and pay tribute to the digital deities.

Yet it’s quite clear, from high atop his freshly forged kingdom, that he is now praying to darker spirits.

Any proud player of Dark Soul would do well to make the trek to DEATH MTN. Though I myself pray to the elder gods, specifically the one who welds the Golden Axe…

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Portable Weekend Mix #13 // Icepop Cooldown

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It was pretty mild in Brooklyn last week, but polar vortex 2.0 is long gone and things are gettin’ roasty. Let’s all chill out with Portable Weekend Mix #13!!

Cool portable titles to maximize your summer chillzone:

❅ Snow Bros (Game Boy)
❄ Blades of Steel (Game Boy)
❆ Shovel Knight (3DS, specifically the Frigid Flight area obvs)

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For Fans Of Both Ghouls ‘n Ghosts And… M.U.S.C.L.E.?

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Anyone familiar with my survey of game culture snapshots may recall some the pics I’ve borrowed from Taku Yamamoto’s Instagram feed. The thing is, and due to a language barrier, I’ve never had any real context behind his subject matter. Which are often classic game characters brought into the real world, similar in fashion to Kinkeshi figures, better known as M.U.S.C.L.E. in the West.

Turns out, instead of coming across them at various toy and hobby shows, I guess he’s actually the person responsible for them! Taku also goes by ZOOMOTH, or maybe that’s the name for his crew? At any rate, finally found about them via Mike McWhertor, who tweeted a link to Man-E-Toys’s various posts on him/them. Which covers the goodies that will be for sale at this summer’s Wonder Festival.

I personally dig the one above the most, since it’s based upon my fave boss from Ghouls n Ghosts. You also have Bill Rizer from Contra

Plus a Splatterhouse two-pack featuring Rick Taylor & Sack Head (which I guess are returning from this winter’s Wonder Festival)…

Be sure to check out ZOOMOTH’s website for previous examples of work. Oh man, I really, really, want that Red Arremer…

[UPDATE: 7/18] Turns out, there’s also a full color version as well? Not very M.U.S.C.L.E.-y, but very cool nonetheless…

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Portable Weekend Mix #12 // Pure Id

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Give in to your impulses w/ portable weekend mix +

Doom (Game Boy Advance)
Doom II RPG (iOS)
Commander Keen (Game Boy Color)

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