So Long, And Thanks For All The Beeps

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It was noted last summer that the Blip Festival was going to be “paused”. But there was always hope (or the expectation) that the world’s most recognized and celebrated chiptunes gala would eventually make a comeback, after batteries have been recharged.

But last night an email was sent out, to let everyone know that it is indeed the end of the road. Via the Blip Festival team, and in its entirety:


Those of you who joined us last October for Blip Festival Tokyo, whether in-person or via the live stream, will probably agree that the whole joyous affair served as an appropriately spectacular and thunderous finale for the Blip Festival event series as a whole. And whether you attended that one, or one of our other eleven editions over the past six years, or just tuned in, spread the word, and otherwise cheered it all on from afar — we’d like to thank you for helping make the Blip Festival event series what it was. It’s been a blast for us. We hope it’s been fun for you too.

But although the Blip Festival has taken its last bow, the party isn’t necessarily over. Before we go, we’d like to take a moment to direct your attention to the SQUARE SOUNDS FESTIVAL, a new chip-friendly festival series presented by Cheapbeats and SoundBytes, our co-organizers in the Tokyo and Melbourne Blip Festival events.

In fact, Blip Festival Australia subscribers will be happy to learn that the inaugural Square Sounds event takes place in Melbourne in just a few short weeks, at the Evelyn Hotel. And Blip Festival Tokyo subscribers would do well to keep an eye out for Square Sounds Tokyo this fall.

We have a suspicion these guys aren’t stopping there, so regardless of where you’re located in the world, be sure to sign up for the Square Sounds Festival mailing list to be kept up to date.


// February 15-16 @ Evelyn Hotel //
feat. A_Art / Aliceffekt / Cheapshot / Chronic Sans /
cTrix / Doshy / Elliot / Jayson Haebich / Huf / Hunz /
iLKke / Minikomi / Mr. Spastic / m7Kenji / Omodaka /
Other Places / Pselodux / Ralp / Starpause / Trash80
at the Evelyn Hotel ·
351 Brunswick St, Fitzroy
Melbourne, Australia

Coming autumn 2013.

That’s it for us here at the Blip Festival. Thanks to the literally thousands of you who joined us for the ride. And we hope to bump shoulders with you all again on the dancefloors of the world’s many ongoing chipmusic events, far & wide.

Thanks for six amazing years,
the Blip Festival team

Blip Fest has indeed inspired countless individuals, collectives, and gatherings across the globe, so the spirit is more than alive and well. Hell, in the New York area alone, there’s like a different showcase every weekend, no joke.

Still, the finality of it all is a definite bummer. The medium of chiptunes, and the culture that surrounds it, has never been in a better place. Which is a direct result of the Blip Festival, something that we are all very much appreciative for.