So Long, And Thanks For All The Beeps

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It was noted last summer that the Blip Festival was going to be “paused”. But there was always hope (or the expectation) that the world’s most recognized and celebrated chiptunes gala would eventually make a comeback, after batteries have been recharged.

But last night an email was sent out, to let everyone know that it is indeed the end of the road. Via the Blip Festival team, and in its entirety:


Those of you who joined us last October for Blip Festival Tokyo, whether in-person or via the live stream, will probably agree that the whole joyous affair served as an appropriately spectacular and thunderous finale for the Blip Festival event series as a whole. And whether you attended that one, or one of our other eleven editions over the past six years, or just tuned in, spread the word, and otherwise cheered it all on from afar — we’d like to thank you for helping make the Blip Festival event series what it was. It’s been a blast for us. We hope it’s been fun for you too.

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The Sights And Sounds Of Blip Festival Tokyo 2012

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Unfortunately, a very lucky few were able to witness Blip Festival Tokyo 2012 firsthand, a little over two weekends ago. Thankfully, some individuals have stepped forward to deliver much-appreciated scraps for the rest of us.

First we have the images you see above, courtesy of Marjorie Becker, who without question is the chipscene’s most prolific and accomplished photographer; she’s essentially the 8bit equivalent to Charles Peterson, for those of your familiar with world of rock and roll.

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Your SNES ROM Invite To Blip Festival Tokyo 2012

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I’ve got the blues, big time. Why? Because I’m not in Tokyo, Japan at this exact moment. Which is an awesome place to be generally speaking: you’ve got thriving arcades, beef bowl and curry rice shops at every turn, plus let’s not forget cat cafes.

But in less than 24 hours, there will be a massive convergence of the finest chiptuners from across the globe, and of epic proportions, no exaggeration. All gathering for Blip Tokyo 2k12. Which, as previously noted, is set to be the last Blip for the foreseeable future.

Everyone who will be in attendance are damn lucky, that’s all I can say. But at least the rest of us have this fab flyer in the form of a SNES ROM. Code by Batsly Adams, gfx by KeFF, music by Zabutom. For maximum effectiveness, run the file in your emulator of choice.

There’s still 18 or so hours left till showtime, I believe. Guess it’s better late than never to check for ultra last minute deals on flights!

Let’s Talk Chiptunes

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A friend recently asked about one of the Instragram pictures I posted last week (the one with the CD). I then realized that not everyone is necessarily familiar with Sakamoto Kyoju, aka Prof. Sakamoto. So I’m here to fix that.

I honestly don’t know all that much about the guy, other than his ability to tap into the sounds of classic 8-bit games, in a way that’s wholly unique to Japanese chiptuners. Plus how he wears a Famicom strapped to his head. See for yourself, via his YouTube channel.

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