The Ladies Of Chiptunes Gather This Saturday Night

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Summertime is when most everyone consumes mass quantities of chilled delicacies to fight off the heat, but here in New York City, it’s also the time of year in which we all indulge in mass quantities of chiptunes! Sadly, the summer of 2012 was the last one for Blip Fest, at least for the foreseeable future.

Thankfully, residents of the Big Apple still have plenty of options. Like Pulsewave, the regularly run showcase of 8bit music that takes place every month or so. This weekend’s yet another installment, but one that’s completely unlike any before: the entire card, top to bottom, is filled with female performers.

Including Drum Machine Dating Service (who also happens to be one half of The Shortsleeves, aka Jenn de la Vega, with the other half being our very own Paul Owens), Corset Lore (who’s one half of foci + loci, aka Tamara Yadao), and Bubblyfish (the alter ego of Haeyoung Kim, one of the very first female chiptuners to explode onto the scene).

Even the visuals are being provided by a lady, CHiKA! It all goes down this Saturday, June 29th, at Brooklyn Launchpad (721 Franklin Avenue). Doors open at 8PM, with an open mic starting 8:30. It’s an all ages show, so you’ll have to BYOB. And the price of admission? Just ten bucks. For more info, here’s the obligatory Facebook events page.

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A Hip Hop Tribute To Yasunori Mitsuda & A Song So Catchy You Won’t Believe It’s From Ultima 3

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I’m surprised it hasn’t made a bigger splash elsewhere, so may as well pass along the following: have you heard of MITSUDA? It’s tribute mix tape that’s dedicated to the one and only Yasunori Mitsuda. You know, the composer who helped to define what JRPGs should sound like? And almost single-handedly, via his Chrono Trigger score.

MITSUDA is the brainchild of Julian Wass, who previously tapped into Xenogears for Main Attrakionz’s Cloud Skatin. Besides featuring a who’s who from the hip hop and electronic music scenes, Derek did the cover! Best part? It’s a free download, so nab your copy here. Also, special thanks to Ryan Sands for the heads up.

Anyhow, since we’re talking about music anyway, may as well pass along a few related odds and ends…

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So Long, And Thanks For All The Beeps

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It was noted last summer that the Blip Festival was going to be “paused”. But there was always hope (or the expectation) that the world’s most recognized and celebrated chiptunes gala would eventually make a comeback, after batteries have been recharged.

But last night an email was sent out, to let everyone know that it is indeed the end of the road. Via the Blip Festival team, and in its entirety:


Those of you who joined us last October for Blip Festival Tokyo, whether in-person or via the live stream, will probably agree that the whole joyous affair served as an appropriately spectacular and thunderous finale for the Blip Festival event series as a whole. And whether you attended that one, or one of our other eleven editions over the past six years, or just tuned in, spread the word, and otherwise cheered it all on from afar — we’d like to thank you for helping make the Blip Festival event series what it was. It’s been a blast for us. We hope it’s been fun for you too.

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Tis The Season For Japanese Chiptunes And Sound Shapes DLC

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First thing’s first, got another Kickstarter to be mindful of: the Nubuwo Winter Bundle. For just $10 you get over 200 primo audio cuts, from various indie games (including Hotline Miami and Faster Than Light) and chiptunes complications. Though the real star of the show is the FAMI-MODE 2012 DVD.

The dvd is set to contain live performances from Omodaka, Professor Sakamoto (both of whom I’ve talked about in past updates), Kplecraft, Ashtray, and SEXY-SYNTHESIZER. With less than a week to go, it’s only a little over the halfway mark towards meeting the goal, so it definitely needs all the love it can get!

Speaking, I’m a big fan of both chiptunes AND Christmas music, and tis the season to enjoy both. The following is a live performance of one of my favorite mash-ups, courtesy of Hally. It’s Xmas Song Megamix (Plastic Sputnik Arcade Punk), which might recall from The 8bits of Christmas, though its closer to the version found on Holy 8bit Night

And finally, instead of just listening to seasonal chiptunes, why not create your own? Which is now made all the easier, thanks to the just released Holiday Sound Pack for Sound Shapes

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Only 48 Hours Remain To Support LA Game Space

First thing’s first, and in case you haven’t heard: the LA Game Space Kickstarter has reached it’s goal! A hearty thank you to everyone who chipped in and helped to make it happen, as well spreading the word!

And congratulations to both Adam and Daniel, for such a tremendous job of exciting everyone’s imagination in the first place. The world of video games has long needed a place like LA/GS and thank goodness it’s finally happening.

Yes it’s in Los Angeles, which is not close by for most people reading this (myself included). But rest assured, the place that Mr. Robezzoli and Mr. Rehn are hoping to build will forge new territory the medium, and the end result will be felt in every corner of this earth, without question.

Once again, it’s all thanks to you, for believing in the dream. But we’re only getting started! And, there’s literally a new reason to contribute, with every passing day practically…

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The Sights And Sounds Of Blip Festival Tokyo 2012

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Unfortunately, a very lucky few were able to witness Blip Festival Tokyo 2012 firsthand, a little over two weekends ago. Thankfully, some individuals have stepped forward to deliver much-appreciated scraps for the rest of us.

First we have the images you see above, courtesy of Marjorie Becker, who without question is the chipscene’s most prolific and accomplished photographer; she’s essentially the 8bit equivalent to Charles Peterson, for those of your familiar with world of rock and roll.

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Your SNES ROM Invite To Blip Festival Tokyo 2012

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I’ve got the blues, big time. Why? Because I’m not in Tokyo, Japan at this exact moment. Which is an awesome place to be generally speaking: you’ve got thriving arcades, beef bowl and curry rice shops at every turn, plus let’s not forget cat cafes.

But in less than 24 hours, there will be a massive convergence of the finest chiptuners from across the globe, and of epic proportions, no exaggeration. All gathering for Blip Tokyo 2k12. Which, as previously noted, is set to be the last Blip for the foreseeable future.

Everyone who will be in attendance are damn lucky, that’s all I can say. But at least the rest of us have this fab flyer in the form of a SNES ROM. Code by Batsly Adams, gfx by KeFF, music by Zabutom. For maximum effectiveness, run the file in your emulator of choice.

There’s still 18 or so hours left till showtime, I believe. Guess it’s better late than never to check for ultra last minute deals on flights!

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