Santa Samus Is Coming To Your Mailbox

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For those who wanted to get their hands on one (or maybe all) of Attract Mode’s Bit Bazaar: Winter Market exclusive holiday cards, but couldn’t make it to Toronto this past weekend, some good news!

Our fine friends at Bento Miso have them available online right this second. $20 CAD gets you the entire set of four, shipping and handling included. Best part? They’ll ship to both Canada and the United States.

Quantities are limited, plus I’d also suggest ordering them ASAP to make sure that they arrive in time for Christmas!

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Winter (Market) Is Coming

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As mentioned at the very end of the most recent Instagram round up, I’m back in Toronto! Long story short: remember Bit Bazaar, which took place during Comics Vs. Games 2? Well, it was such a rousing success that there’s a round two, aka Bit Bazaar: Winter Market!

Actually, Attract Mode is the official partner for the event, and in addition to the usual bag of goodies, we’ve produced an extremely limited run of show exclusive holiday cards.

Perhaps you’ve seen some of the designs already, via Tiny Cartridge; the above are the final product, and they turned out rather nice! BTW, a huge thanks to the amazing talents behind them: Kris Mukai, Babs Tarr, Kyle Fewell, and Kelly Smith.

Again, you can only get them at Bit Bazaar: Winter Market, which happens tomorrow. If you’re a Torontonian, you’re in luck! And if you’re not, I’d suggest going on Kayak to see what Air Canada’s prices are right about now. For more information, simply click here.

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Fangamer X Attract Mode… For Sale

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It’s the holiday season, which means seeking out that perfect gift for that perfect person. In some cases, he or she will be relatively easy to shop for; now has never been a better time to pick either the PS3 or Xbox 360, for example, mostly because both the systems and games are both (relatively) cheap.

You also have the reasons why such bargains exist in the first place; the PS4 or Xbox One are now options as well. But what about that special someone whose favorite game will always be PaRappa The Rapper or Ranger X? Or the special someone who would appreciate something different, and most importantly, deserves something different?

Then head on over to the Attract Mode Shop, where artwork from this summer’s Fangamer X Attract Mode is finally available online! Please note that, because some pieces are made to order, it may take a few weeks for something to arrive. But I have been assured that if they are placed right about now, one can expect their arrival before Christmas!

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Fangamer X Attract Mode… Opening Night

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A couple weeks back, we combined forces with Fangamer to throw a little shindig in Seattle, and once again, here are the highlights! All pictures are courtesy of Amanda Flagg, btw.

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X Marked The Spot… Fangamer X Attract Mode

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That’s Keiji Inafune all right, the man who gave the world Mega Man (and who will soon be giving us Mighty No. 9), alongside Zac Gorman, the guy responsible for that super sweet Mega Man X print in the background.

Inafune was Fangamer X Attract Mode‘s special surprise artist; we had on display a print detailing concept art from his upcoming project, which was publicly announced just a few hours earlier. Hence why his presence was kept on the down low.

But yeah, to say that this year’s show was a success of epic proportion is a legit understatement. Everyone behind the scenes, including all the artists, musicians, and game makers involved, were simply unprepared by such a massive outpouring of support.

None of us can properly express how grateful we all are, so you’ll have to trust me when I say that we are. We’re also dead tired, and thusly in recovery mode. But expect a proper report plus more pics soon, along with artwork for sale for those who couldn’t be there!

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No Sleep Till… Fangamer X Attract Mode

August 29, 2013 - By - Tags: , ,

For Fangamer X Attract Mode, Kyle Fewell has again tapped into his two greatest passions: video games and food. In the case of the former, instead of Game Boys, it’s Persona 4.

So, the big show’s a little over 48 hours from right now! And needless to say, things are kinda crazy at the moment, as the final pieces are finally coming together.

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“Together Forever”

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… Is the name of Mikko Walamies‘s tribute to The Last Of Us, for Fangamer X Attract Mode. It was actually the very first piece submitted for the show, hence why it’s kicking off the following taste test.

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