Fangamer ♥ Attract Mode… For Sale

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Today’s the day in which everyone does their holiday shopping online. And if you’re still looking for something special for that special someone, may I suggest stopping by the Attract Mode Shop?

Because that’s where you’ll (finally) find artwork from Fangamer ♥ Attract Mode! Please note that certain prints are made to order, so they may take a few weeks for something to arrive. Whereas others are one of a kind, so when they’re gone, they’re gone.

Point being, I’d suggest making those purchases sooner than later! You can check out all our ♥ pieces here. Be sure to also check out our entire assortment of available prints from shows past here.

Fangamer ♥ Attract Mode… Some Last Minute Details

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We are a little less than 6 hours away from the doors opening to 1927 Events, which is where Fangamer ♥ Attract Mode is taking place!

Am currently trying to figure out the placement of all the pieces, though it’s been a tad bit slow going since I can’t help but zone out on all the crazy little details, as well as the overall gorgeousness, of what’s on hand. Hence all the Instagram pics.

Here’s some more (btw, first one coming up is by Jesse Tise, who is the same guy who illustrated our Samurai Gunn shirts, fyi)…

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Love Is In The Air

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… The above is courtesy of Babs Tarr, aka basically the hottest cartoonists in the biz at this very moment. Am thrilled that she was able to find time out of her busy schedule (Babs was recently enlisted by DC Comics to give Batgirl a makeover, and her first issue hits newsstands in a little over a month), to take part in Fangamer ♥ Attract Mode.

But yeah, we’re a little over 48 hours away from showtime, so needless to say, it’s a bit of a madhouse on my end, as well as Fangamer’s. But rest assured, the 2014 edition of the Game Art/Chiptune/Indie Arcade/Drinkathon Seattle Special shall be the best one yet.

Hopefully you’ve caught a few glimpses of the gorgeous artwork that awaits this year! Admittedly, it’s been a little tough getting people’s attention this time around; not sure if you’ve caught a few of the headlines going around, but some not so cool folks out there are giving video games a bad name.

So perhaps the following, which is just a taste of things to come, will remind everyone that there’s still a lot to love about electronic entertainment. Anyhow who else will be part of the festivities? Well, there’s…

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Get Ready For… Fangamer ♥ Attract Mode

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Two years ago, ourselves and our best buds at Fangamer decided to engage in a friendly showdown, with downtown Seattle as the backdrop. The outcome of that now legendary battle, dubbed Fangamer VERSUS Attract Mode, was inconclusive as they say.

Then last year, for part two, both parties decided to put their differences aside and combine forces, and thus Fangamer X Attract Mode was the result. This particular contest did indeed have a clear winner, and it was you dear friend.

So here we are, round three. And to commemorate the mutual respect and understanding that both sides have been able to forge, the 2014 Edition of Game Art/Chiptune/Indie Arcade/Drinkathon Seattle Special shall therefor be dubbed… Fangamer ♥ Attract Mode!

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Los Angeles this Monday: The Best E3 Party Since 1992

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It’s happening people. This Monday, June 9th, Devolver Digital presents FUTURE CREW: E3 Edition. Grab your pre-sale ticket discount at!

A mega team (including Attract Mode’s own Aileen + Evan) has come together to make this possible, and all proceeds benefit nonprofit LA Game Space. Let’s do a rundown of everything you can expect.

First off, the music: a performance by doseone and DJ sets by Daedelus × Chrome Canyon × Arcane Kids × Grimecraft!

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Comics vs Games 3D: In Which Everyone Responded With “Woaaaaaah”

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It’s been two weeks since Comics vs Games 3D had its grand unveiling (followed by the spring 2k14 edition of Bit Bazaar, plus this year’s installment of the Toronto Comics Arts Festival). So time to finally file a report for those who couldn’t join us up north. For starters, the general response seemed to be “I can’t believe how well the 3D works!”

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NYU Game Center Student Show

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Game Center Student Show

If you’re in New York this week you should check out the End of Year Student Show at the NYU Game Center in downtown Brooklyn this Thursday. It’s a showcase of around 50 games and game-related projects — digital games, board games, tabletop roleplaying games, and physical games — featuring work from the Game Center’s first MFA class. There’s a ton of really impressive work in the collection.

Since I’m one of those graduating MFAs, I’ll be showing my spooky-cute horror cooking game, Izakaya Ōmen. The player controls a chef who’s been trapped in a mysterious spirit world and has no option but to try and master their strange culinary tradition while he figures out how to get home.

Izakaya Omen - Request

Hope you can make it out! The show’s going to be a ton of fun. You can see examples of the work on the Game Center website, and you can RSVP here.