Press Paws: Uniting One’s Love Of Pixels And Pooches

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There’s a chance that you may have already heard about Press Paws, the upcoming art show that strives to raise money via video game inspired artwork, to help support What’s Up Dog! LA, a 100% volunteer run nonprofit dog rescue.

And if so, you may have already seen the Indiegogo page, and maybe even a few examples pieces. Like the one above, by the always awesome Jude Buffum. But have you checked out the show’s homepage?

There’s you’ll find even more, like the following by Kiersten Essenpreis. Which might be my favorite of the bunch thus far, if only because I loved Spinies so much as a child…

Also just unveiled is this awesome Meat Bun shirt featuring the supremely talented Mariel Cartwright, whom most might be familiar with via Skullgirls (though she also did the cover to the third FORT90ZINE)…

I will admit that I am a bit surprised that Mariel chose not to go with Haunting Ground‘s Hewie and Fiona. Which I guess might be a bit too obscure for most folk. Oh well!

The shirt is available to everyone who contributes to the Indiegogo drive, at the $75 level, plus there’s plenty of other cool stuff that can be acquired as well. Including a dog bowl that features the work of Paul Robertson!

And if you live in the area, the show takes place on February 9th at Gallery Nucleus. Again, the homepage has everything you need, information-wise.

Only 48 Hours Remain To Support LA Game Space

First thing’s first, and in case you haven’t heard: the LA Game Space Kickstarter has reached it’s goal! A hearty thank you to everyone who chipped in and helped to make it happen, as well spreading the word!

And congratulations to both Adam and Daniel, for such a tremendous job of exciting everyone’s imagination in the first place. The world of video games has long needed a place like LA/GS and thank goodness it’s finally happening.

Yes it’s in Los Angeles, which is not close by for most people reading this (myself included). But rest assured, the place that Mr. Robezzoli and Mr. Rehn are hoping to build will forge new territory the medium, and the end result will be felt in every corner of this earth, without question.

Once again, it’s all thanks to you, for believing in the dream. But we’re only getting started! And, there’s literally a new reason to contribute, with every passing day practically…

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