Grimecraft ♥ 7 Questions and a Mix

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Producer/DJ/Hero Grimecraft just released the above guest mix for Shifty Rhythms. And since Diego and I have been featuring him almost weekly on our Portable Weekend Mixes, I thought it was a good time to get to know the tender soul behind some of our favorite beats.

Grimecraft and his bae

a/s/l/friend code?
24/m/ca/4828 – 4541 – 9860

What’s the optimal way to enjoy your latest mix?
After a long night of playing games or the beginning of a stressful day making games. Maybe even after an annoying day of fighting off internet trolls and/or audible sighing at your twitter feed.

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Mystery Mansion, Beyond Just Six Seconds

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Remember Mystery Mansion? That dude (real name Jonathan Sirlin, BTW/FYI) who can totally relax your ass with a combination of animated gifs and catchy tunes, in just 0.06?

Well, he’s finally decided to make songs that go beyond a few precious seconds. Behold The LEM EP, which can be enjoyed in its entirely above!

Though it’s totally deserves a place in your music library.

A Girl With White Pixelated Hair, Looking Out The Window, Watching The Rain (Also Pixelated)

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It’s Thursday night, a bit on the late side. 1:30am to be exact, at least over here. Which isn’t even 11pm for all the west coasters out there, I totally realize, but still…

Anyhow, maybe your evening was like mine: just chillin some friends, nothing crazy, cuz the weekend’s still ahead. And what better way to ease into another pre-summer Friday filled with possibilities than a dose of Mystery Mansion?

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A Hip Hop Tribute To Yasunori Mitsuda & A Song So Catchy You Won’t Believe It’s From Ultima 3

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I’m surprised it hasn’t made a bigger splash elsewhere, so may as well pass along the following: have you heard of MITSUDA? It’s tribute mix tape that’s dedicated to the one and only Yasunori Mitsuda. You know, the composer who helped to define what JRPGs should sound like? And almost single-handedly, via his Chrono Trigger score.

MITSUDA is the brainchild of Julian Wass, who previously tapped into Xenogears for Main Attrakionz’s Cloud Skatin. Besides featuring a who’s who from the hip hop and electronic music scenes, Derek did the cover! Best part? It’s a free download, so nab your copy here. Also, special thanks to Ryan Sands for the heads up.

Anyhow, since we’re talking about music anyway, may as well pass along a few related odds and ends…

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