I Love Buttons Too

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This blog isn’t usually a platform for discussing current events, but here goes anyway: as you may have heard, Nintendo has seen better days. Perhaps due to disappointing Wii U sales, coupled with the belief that their future lies with iOS &am Android among industry analysts and people on the street alike, a rumor began circulating that the house that Mario build was going to finally cave and produce mini games for smart phones.

Nintendo flat out said that’s not happening, and speaking as an old school Sega fan, one who still remembers what going multi-platform did to that company, that’s a huge relief. And it’s not like Nintendo couldn’t do a kick ass job; they were working with touchscreens before the iPhone even existed, after all.

I love all the games that my iPhone 5S has been able to deliver; it’s why I want an iPad Air as well. Heck, I also want a Nexus 7 or Moto G, just cuz. But when it comes to gaming that’s entirely in the palm of your hands, I simply prefer the games on my 3DS (and Vita) a tad bit more. And that’s because I just love buttons, hence the video above.

Oh, and buttons are much easier to deal on days like these, when you need to wear gloves. Touch screens, not so much! BTW, the above is by Nicolas Magnier, who also runs GamOvr, which has long been a favorite place of mine for random game related imagery.

Here Is Your Long Overdue Nintendo World Championships 1990 Recap

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The other day, someone got their hands on a number of old Nintendo marketing tapes from the early 90s and shared them on YouTube. You may have seen the one that Kotaku posted, a behind the scenes look at how they “do it.” With a little help from some crazy ass zooms and tilts, random switching back and forth between color and B&W, plus awesome early 90s hair.

My favorite part is the Game Boy that survived Desert Storm actually being handled; most of us have only seen it at the Nintendo World Store, behind glass. Or the head of marketing; the idea of working at a cubicle where just a few feet away is someone playing Starfox with such “I’m old, I’m rich, I’m white, and I LOVE MY LIFE!” bravado sounds both hilarious and nightmarish.

Though even better is the clip above, which recaps the 1990 Nintendo World Championship. Mostly because it feels a lot like the kind of stuff you’d see on the Bible Channel, back in the day. That and how it features a guy in the jankiest Mario outfit imaginable, thrusting his groin into the air. Presumably in front of a large assemblage of kids (at the 1:13 mark).

But what’s most interesting is how the entire thing largely resembles the eSports events we have today. While the NWCs were clearly marketing vehicles (and totally shameless ones at that), Nintendo was in some way ahead of their time as well. Though I also find them slightly superior to what we have today, since I can follow someone else playing Tetris. Not so much League of Legends, sorry. BTW, the other videos can be seen here.