Tis The Season For Japanese Chiptunes And Sound Shapes DLC

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First thing’s first, got another Kickstarter to be mindful of: the Nubuwo Winter Bundle. For just $10 you get over 200 primo audio cuts, from various indie games (including Hotline Miami and Faster Than Light) and chiptunes complications. Though the real star of the show is the FAMI-MODE 2012 DVD.

The dvd is set to contain live performances from Omodaka, Professor Sakamoto (both of whom I’ve talked about in past updates), Kplecraft, Ashtray, and SEXY-SYNTHESIZER. With less than a week to go, it’s only a little over the halfway mark towards meeting the goal, so it definitely needs all the love it can get!

Speaking, I’m a big fan of both chiptunes AND Christmas music, and tis the season to enjoy both. The following is a live performance of one of my favorite mash-ups, courtesy of Hally. It’s Xmas Song Megamix (Plastic Sputnik Arcade Punk), which might recall from The 8bits of Christmas, though its closer to the version found on Holy 8bit Night

And finally, instead of just listening to seasonal chiptunes, why not create your own? Which is now made all the easier, thanks to the just released Holiday Sound Pack for Sound Shapes


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Hey folks. I am *so* excited for the return of Attract Mode. Proud to be a part of it!

There’s something else this week that I’m also very excited about: Sound Shapes is finally coming out!

A bit over a year ago, the fine folks at Queasy Games were kind enough to ask me to help out with the visual design of their new game, Sound Shapes. Since then, I’ve worked on various visual elements of the game: from the logo (above), to the menus, to the playable character (“The Player”), and all sorts of bits in between. I even briefly dabbled in animation for the first time. It’s been my main job for almost a year now (and in development for YEARS before that), and I can’t believe it’s finally finished!

So many amazing people worked on this game. Artists, musicians, programmers, designers, producers, all super-talented. Too many awesome people to list in one post! It’s actually kind of crazy. You’ll just have to look at the credits. I had such a fun time in Toronto working with them. Definitely a highlight of my life so far. Major learning experience. Something I will never forget!

If you have a PS Vita, or even a PS3 (or know someone with one), be sure to check it out on the PlayStation Store! It will cost $14.99 USD (Or $11.99 if you have a PS+ membership).

And because I didn’t even explain what type of game it is, here are a couple trailers:
Sound Shapes™Level Editor Feature
Sound Shapes™ Meets Jim Guthrie

I hope you enjoy the game & the new Attract Mode! <3