The New York Public Library Has Timothy Leary’s Nintendo Power Glove; The Galaxy Is At Peace

November 28, 2012 - By - Tags:

Did you know that Timothy Leary, godfather of the 60s psychedelic movement, was also a fan of the Nintendo Power Glove? Well, at least enough to own one.

But yeah, neither did I. Until the New York Public Library discovered the NES accessory (alongside a pair of red-laced Adidas) as part of their Timothy Leary archive, which they then took a picture of and then posted on their Tumblr.

Yeah, I had no idea that there was such a thing as a New York Public Library Tumblr either. Anyhow, if you really think about it (or have done enough drugs), the Timothy Leary X Power Glove connection makes a lot of sense.

I first got wind about the news from Gothamist, who naturally included a clip from The Wizard. But instead of just following suit, I’ll simply refer to yet another goodie from the good Docfuture himself (and which some might recall, back during my GSW days)…