U Can’t Touch This unreleased Sega CD game

September 27, 2012 - By

The Sega CD was home to games about INXS, Kris Kross, and C&C Music Factory, and it was almost home to a game about MC Hammer, as seen in this clip of “Hammer vs. Evil D in Soulfire,” an unreleased action game developed by GTE Entertainment and (not) released in 1994.

Unfortunately, this clip is only legit enough to last seventeen seconds before quitting. It’s cut from the second installment of a two-part Sega CES video posted by Grooveraider. The whole thing is worth watching as bottled, concentrated early ’90s.

I admit, at first, I didn’t understand what the wiggling goblin thing was in the middle of the screen, but then my eyes adjusted to the Sega CD-ness and I realized it’s just a crouching Hammer, shooting fireballs at a wall displaying a gritty video of airplanes. Obviously.

[Via Unseen64]