Zac Gorman’s Magical Game Time, Volume 1, On Sale Now

January 24, 2013 - By - Tags: ,

Zac Gorman, a definite pal to everyone in Attract Mode, has just collected his entire run of Magical Game Time comics!

Very few cartoonists (practically none, actually) have managed to encapsulate those wondrous sensations and emotions that we all felt while playing video games during our more innocent days, and in such a profound manner, like Zac has been able to.

So the dude deserves everyone’s love and support, in the form of cash! Especially since he sorts needs it. As Zac explains

“Earlier this week, I experienced a pretty sizable financial setback when my old computer dropped dead on me out of the blue. I lost some files (including some of the most recent comics), some time, and most of all some cold hard cash.

By purchasing this PDF, you’re not only getting something cool to read but also helping me get right back to doing what I love doing…making comics!”

And we all want to see more comics from Zac, right? The minimum asking price for his massive 139 page collection is just a buck. Though everyone obviously should put down a little more than just that.

Unfortunately, the collection is static. Another reason why Zac’s work should be celebrated? He actually figured a way to make animated gif comics awesome and not gaudy, like virtually every other example out there. But that’s the nature of PDFs; don’t blame Zac, but Adobe!