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Pokémon Legends: Arceus Countdown

Pokémon Legends: Arceus Countdown

Gamers worldwide can’t wait to get their hands on the new Pokemon legends series, Arceus. Unfortunately, the game’s lack of proper documentation led to various die-hard fans’ speculations. For instance, many anticipate that the Pokemon Arceus will take us to…

Olliolli World Trophy Guide

olliolli world trophy guide

There is no better way to transform your boring afternoons than playing OlliOlli. OlliOlli World is a skate game where players take on quests and get points. To get these points, you have to perform certain tricks and combos. Any…

Why Can’t I Use Grease Elden Ring

Can't I Use Grease Elden Ring

Elden Ring offers a wide range of consumables that most players often overlook or miss out on their effectiveness. One of them is the Grease consumables which will ensure you last longer on the battlegrounds. The only few who’ve interacted…

What Is Robustness Elden Ring

What Is Robustness Elden Ring

Players need proper composure to withstand the intense Lands Between battles. Therefore, your defense and offense abilities must be top-tier to take out the notorious Elden Ring bosses. One of the compelling stats that will improve your defensive skills is…

Where to Buy Poison Arrows Elden Ring

Where to Buy Poison Arrows

The Lands Between can be brutal and deadly, especially if you don’t have powerful weapons, gear, and skills. There are enemies everywhere waiting to take you out, from the notorious bosses to the NPC players invading your territory. The only…

How to Sneak Attack Elden Ring

Sneak Attack Elden Ring

There are various ways to attack and take out enemies in Elden Ring. Most of these moves are easy to perform, although they are not as effective as the sneak attack. The benefit of making a sneak attack is that…