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Elden Ring How to Turn Off Messages

elden ring how to turn off messages

Elden Ring is a players’ favorite game and has attracted millions of gamers worldwide interested in the Lands Between adventures. The game features various modes, solo and online modes, allowing friends to take on quests together through summoning, echo spirits,…

How to Get Maiden Blood Elden Ring

Get Maiden Blood Elden Ring

One of the fantastic gameplay features of Elden Ring is the ability of players to go off course and take on other quests different from the main storyline. During these times, players interact with various NPCs who give them helpful…

Stray Blade Video Game

Stray Blade Video Game

If you love action RPG games filled with intense combat, Stray Blade is your game. The video game has quickly become a fan-favorite, especially for those looking to take on exciting adventures. Stray Blade is one of the best action…

When Does the Game Stray Come Out

Game Stray Come Out

Good News! Stray is already out, and it is your turn to join the many players worldwide, enjoying the fantastic gameplay features and storylines. If you have managed to take on the Stray adventure, you’ve realized how exciting and authentic…

How to Dodge Malenia Elden Ring

How to Dodge Malenia Elden Ring

Many Elden Ring fans express their frustrations about how hard it is to beat Malenia. Malenia, Blade of Miquella, is one of the game’s most challenging bosses, and it requires proper strategies and armor to take her down. This means…