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Diablo 4: Is Duriel Returning?

Hey gamers, are you ready for some exciting news? Duriel is back in Diablo 4 and he’s looking nastier than ever! This insectoid baddie from Diablo 2 has undergone some changes and we can’t wait to tell you all about it. But hold on to your potions, because we have some gory details of his latest kill, which involves a Barbarian being impaled and devoured! Keep reading to find out more about this creepy character and his deadly new moves in Diablo 4. Trust us, you won’t want to miss this!

Who is Duriel?

Duriel, known as the Lord of Pain, is one of the four Lesser Evils and the twin brother of Andariel in the Diablo universe. He, along with the other Lesser Evils, rebelled against the Prime Evils after the Sin War and formed a pact to overthrow them. Duriel had his doubts at first but was kept in the fold by Belial. After the plan succeeded, Andariel enjoyed seeing Diablo’s misery, but the pact eventually fell apart, and Azmodan and Belial warred for the position of the supreme ruler of Hell.

When Diablo escaped from his captivity beneath the Tristram Cathedral, Duriel and Andariel feared that the Primes would reclaim their position in Hell. They decided to gain favor with Diablo by protecting his human host. However, after Baal was freed from his imprisonment in the Tomb of Tal Rasha, he left Duriel behind to guard the tomb. Embittered by this new position, Duriel claimed the souls and blood of many adventurers who dared to challenge him. He was eventually defeated by a group of heroes who were pursuing Diablo.

Duriel’s spirit eventually wound up in the Black Soulstone due to Adria’s machinations. He became merged with Diablo, now the sole Prime Evil, and after Diablo’s defeat, all the lords of Hell were returned to the Black Soulstone. The stone was destroyed by Malthael in an effort to defeat the Nephalem, but Diablo was freed and still contained the essence of Duriel and the other Evils. At some point, Duriel became free of Diablo and came to reside in Sanctuary.

In Diablo 4, Duriel will make a return as a grub/larva-like creature who lives in a cramped chamber and fills the room with numerous maggot monsters when engaged by players. The developers wanted to honor Duriel’s legacy from Diablo 2 while also elevating his story for Diablo 4.

Duriel in Diablo 2 and Diablo 3

Duriel is a significant boss in both Diablo 2 and Diablo 3. In Diablo 2, he is the boss of Act II and is encountered in Tal Rasha’s Chamber. He is considered to be one of the toughest bosses in the game, primarily due to the fact that he is encountered in a small room with a low-level character. Duriel’s speed, strength, and freezing aura, make him a challenging opponent to defeat. Additionally, there are no exits in his room, making it difficult to escape if the player is overwhelmed. However, players can use Cold attacks against Duriel to slow him down, and luring him to a bigger room for more space to fight can be advantageous.

In Diablo 3, the Remnant of Pain Soul Shard represents Duriel. It is a rare crafting material that can be obtained by defeating certain bosses, including Duriel. The Soul Shard is used to craft high-level items and is considered to be a valuable resource for players. Despite not appearing as a physical character in Diablo 3, Duriel’s presence is felt through the Remnant of Pain Soul Shard, reminding players of the challenging boss they faced in Diablo 2. Overall, Duriel’s role in both Diablo 2 and Diablo 3 is significant and his challenging nature makes him a memorable boss for players.

Duriel’s Personality and Traits

Duriel is depicted as a sadistic and masochistic demon who derives pleasure from inflicting physical pain and torment on others. He seems to be obsessed with the sensory experience of hearing his victims scream and witnessing their agony, suggesting a lack of empathy or concern for the suffering of others. Despite considering himself a master of pain, he appears to be primarily interested in physical torment rather than psychological or emotional suffering.

Furthermore, Duriel’s obsession with pain is suggested to be so intense that he would subject himself to excruciating agony if he were unable to inflict it on others. He seems to derive pleasure from the anticipation of pain, indicating a strong addiction to the sensation. Additionally, the fact that Duriel’s aura is the Paladin’s Holy Freeze, despite being of demonic nature, suggests a twisted sense of irony or contradiction in his character.

In terms of appearance, Duriel is described as insect-like, bearing similarities to StarCraft’s hydralisk and lurker. He has a unique item named after him, Duriel’s Shell, which is speculated to be his moulted shell rather than his real carapace. Interestingly, his name translates to “God is my home” in Hebrew, suggesting a potential religious or spiritual significance. However, given his sadistic and twisted nature, it is difficult to discern whether this is intended to be a positive or negative association.

Diablo 4: Duriel Attacks

In Diablo 4, Duriel has some new and unique attacks that will make him even more challenging to defeat. One of his special moves is to burrow into the ground, leaving the player to deal with swarms of maggots. This reduces the space the player has to fight him and adds an extra layer of difficulty to the battle.

Additionally, Duriel can draw the player into his stomach, which is clamped shut with interlocking teeth, and then spit them out in a pile of ooze. This move is likened to being inside an iron maiden cage, and Blizzard is aiming to evoke those same emotions when facing Duriel in Diablo 4. With these new attacks, players will have to stay on their toes to defeat this Lord of Pain and Maggots.

Get ready to face the Lord of Pain once again in Diablo 4! Duriel, the iconic boss from Diablo 2, is making his return, but this time with some new tricks up his sleeve. As we’ve seen, Duriel will burrow underground and summon swarms of maggots to attack the player. He will also attempt to swallow players whole and trap them in his stomach. It looks like players will have their work cut out for them when they face off against this formidable foe. So, sharpen your weapons, stock up on potions, and prepare to do battle with Duriel in Diablo 4!

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