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Diablo 4: The Tree of Whispers and Whispers of the Dead

Hey, Diablo fans! Are you ready to hear about the Tree of Whispers, an end-game system that provides you with frequently cycling world objectives and bounties? That’s right, this feature is a part of the upcoming Whispers of the Dead content in Diablo 4.

The Tree of Whispers, a giant tree located in Sanctuary, is apparently (somewhat) sapient and calls upon adventurers to tie up loose ends and settle old scores. Multiple heads dangle from the tree, who impart the above-mentioned tasks. If you’re curious to learn more about this exciting new addition to the game, keep reading!

What Is Whispers of the Dead System in Diablo 4?

Whispers of the Dead is a new end-game system that Blizzard teased at the end of the Diablo 4 2023 release date announcement. This system offers routine tasks and missions to complete around Sanctuary, which are sent by the Tree of Whispers. The missions will appear on the map, and players can complete them for additional rewards.

This mechanic aims to encourage players to explore the vast, open world of Diablo 4, which is reported to be 10-20 times larger than in past Diablo games. The missions may take the form of killing monsters in specific regions or completing various challenges. With this new system, players will have even more reasons to delve into the world of Sanctuary and test their skills.

How Many Whispers Per Day Players Should Expect

Players can expect to see multiple Whispers per day in Diablo 4, according to Blizzard. These Whispers will appear on the map and are optional, but offer significant rewards for those who complete them. The types of Whispers available change frequently, with new ones becoming available throughout the day, each offering a different set of experience and rewards.

Whispers of the Dead Rewards

Whispers of the Dead in Diablo 4 offers players a chance to gain rewards such as experience, gold, and Grim Favors which can be exchanged at the Tree of Whispers for crafting materials, legendary items, and Nightmare Sigils. The harder the bounty, the more Grim Favors players will receive. Once a player has acquired 10 of these Grim Favors, they can trade them for items. These rewards will help players level up their characters, acquire new gear, and access Nightmare Dungeons, giving them more opportunities to explore the vast, open world of Diablo 4.

How Can I Unlock Whispers of the Dead?

To access Whispers of the Dead, players must complete the main questline of Diablo 4. Since this is an end-game system, it won’t be available until after finishing a certain chapter of the Main Questline. It’s unclear which chapter of the campaign unlocks the system, but players can expect it to become available after they have completed the main storyline. So, keep playing through the game and stay on the lookout for this exciting new content!

Consequences of Unfulfilled Whispers

If you accept a whisper from the Tree of Whispers in Diablo 4 but fail to complete it, there will be consequences. The exact negative effects are currently unknown, but it’s speculated that players could lose gold or experience, or face bounty-hunter-style monsters sent after them. The General Manager of Diablo Franchise, Rod Fergusson, confirmed that there will be repercussions for breaking the contract with the Tree of Whispers. So, players should be cautious and ensure that they can complete the mission before accepting any whispers.

Whispers Challenges

In addition to completing various Whispers, there are also Whispers Challenges you can undertake for extra rewards and titles. From Whisper Novice to Just Reward, there’s a challenge for everyone. Check out the table below for a summary of each challenge and its associated rewards:

Challenge NameDescriptionRewards
Whisper NoviceComplete a Whisper.Apprentice, Traveler (Player Titles)
Whisper ExpertComplete a Whisper of each type.Bewitching, Reaper (Player Titles)
Tree of Whispers SupplicantComplete a Silent Offering for the Tree of Whispers.Bitter, Mercy (Player Titles)
Tree of Whispers AspirantComplete 25 Silent Offerings for the Tree of Whispers.Committed, Aspirant (Player Titles)
Tree of Whispers DevoteeComplete 100 Silent Offerings for the Tree of Whispers.Dedicated, Devotee (Player Titles)
Just RewardReceive each type of cache from the Tree of Whispers.Bejeweled, Bounty (Player Titles)
Whisper Challenges in Diablo 4

In conclusion, the Tree of Whispers is an exciting new addition to the Diablo 4 Whispers of the Dead content. As an end-game system, players can expect multiple Whispers per day, offering routine tasks to complete around Sanctuary, including killing monsters in specific regions. Additionally, Whispers Challenges provide further opportunities for players to gain rewards and titles. The Tree of Whispers is unlocked by completing a certain chapter of the main questline, and players can enjoy the vast open world of Diablo 4, which is 10-20 times larger than in past Diablo games, while exploring and completing the routine tasks offered by the Tree of Whispers.

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