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Diablo 4 Trailer: Could It Possibly Be Magnus?

Are you ready to speculate about the mysterious characters in the latest Diablo 4 trailer? We only know one of their name, Lilith, but that doesn’t stop us from trying to guess who the others might be. One character, in particular, has caught the attention of fans: a tall pale man. So who is it, and what role might he play in the upcoming game? Keep reading to find out!

Could the Pale Guy in the «By Three They Come» Be Magnus?

On Reddit, a user named u/cdhelt1225 created a discussion about the identity of the summoner in the Diablo IV announcement cinematic. According to their theory, Magnus, a summoner, unleashed Lilith upon the world, making her the main antagonist of the game. However, some Reddit users speculated that Magnus might be a pale, tall guy seen in the “By Three They Come” cinematic from Diablo III. But this theory has been debunked by Blizzard, as it has been officially confirmed that Magnus is a shapeshifter, not a summoner, according to a statement by Shannon Thomas, the Modeling Supervisor for Diablo IV.

Furthermore, user u/JonFrakes pointed out that the subtitles in the cinematic clearly mention Magnus as the name of the shapeshifter, not Rathma as some had previously predicted. With this new information, it appears that Magnus might be a key character in Diablo IV, and players will likely learn more about him and his role in the game’s story as more information is released.

Counterarguments to the Magnus Theory

On Reddit, users have been discussing the meaning behind the name “Magnus” in the Diablo IV announcement cinematic. One user suggests that “Magnus” might simply be a title, indicating that the character is the “High Priest” of Lilith’s order and followers. Another user suggests that “Magnus” could be another word for “Mage,” while another user points out that in Latin, “Magnus” means “Ancient.” However, there has been no official statement from Blizzard regarding the identity of the tall pale guy in the trailer, and it remains unclear who this character represents. Therefore, any theories about the character’s identity should be taken with a grain of salt until more information is released by Blizzard.

Can Rathma Be the Summoner?

According to a Reddit user, the sequences in the trailer have been datamined and named as “Rathma does X thing,” leading many Diablo fans to believe that the pale, tall character in the trailer is Rathma. While some users previously speculated that the character was Magnus, the datamining evidence supports the theory that the character is indeed Rathma.

Numerous theories have arisen surrounding the enigmatic, pale figure featured in the cinematic trailer for Diablo 4, with many speculating that it could be Rathma. While Blizzard has refrained from commenting on the matter, evidence has surfaced that inadvertently confirms the character’s identity.

Teko, a YouTuber, downloaded the trailer directly from Blizzard’s servers and discovered metadata left behind during the editing process, in which Rathma was specifically mentioned by name on at least two occasions. Rathma is actually depicted in the game’s lore as a tall, pale-skinned figure who possesses the ability to raise and control the dead, as well as read minds and emotions. The character seen in the trailer exhibits both of these traits, further supporting the theory that it is Rathma.

As a first-generation nephalem and Lilith and Inarius’s first son, Rathma may have called upon Lilith to help him regain his full powers in Diablo 4, which could explain why he implores her to “save us” in the footage. It’s unclear how Rathma will fit into the game’s storyline, but given his capabilities and history, he may end up being a central figure.

Diablo 4 is rumored to have a darker, more ominous tone than its predecessor, which is reinforced by the cinematic trailer and gameplay footage released by Blizzard. While Rathma’s exact role in the game remains shrouded in mystery, the community is sure to continue dissecting and uncovering further evidence.

In Conclusion, although Blizzard has not provided any official information regarding Magnus and his role in Diablo 4, some fans have speculated that the tall, pale figure in the official trailer may be the character in question. These theories were based on subtitles that mention “Magnus”, but they have not been confirmed by the game’s developers.

TeKo, the original source of this information, has provided further evidence that strongly suggests the pale figure is indeed Rathma. By analyzing the markers left by Blizzard during the cinematic, it is apparent that the pale figure is described as Rathma.

The true identity of Magnus in Diablo 4 remains a mystery, with no definitive information or confirmation from Blizzard Entertainment. Be sure to follow our blog for updates on Diablo 4 and other exciting video game news.

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