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Elden Ring Battle Hammer

Investing in powerful weapons should be your priority if you’re concerned about taking down the high-level enemies and bosses in the Elden Ring. The Elden Ring Battle Hammer is one of the most potent weapons you can use to eliminate enemies. The Battle Harmer is the strongest in the Elden Ring hammer’s list. The combat orientation that Elden Ring takes makes it inevitable to engage in a battle. You’ll encounter mighty demigods, dragons, and beasts as you explore the game’s open world.

Taking out these enemies will strengthen you and earn rewards you can use to upgrade your abilities. Also, you can use the rewards to improve your stats, therefore making it easier for you to wield weapons requiring the stats. What is the Elden Ring’s Battle Hammer used for? Where can I find the Elden Ring Battle Harmer, and what stats do I need to wield the weapon? This article provides you with the answers to these questions and more.

Insight into the Elden Ring’s Gameplay

Elden Ring is an action, third-person shooter video game by FromSoftware released on the 25th of February 2022. The game developer hit the gaming scenes with its Dark Souls video games, which have been a great success in the industry. Like the previous franchise, Elden Ring features a mystical dark world filled with supernatural abilities and sorcery. The gameplay is full of battles with the demigods, bosses, beasts, and dragons. Set in the open world, Elden Ring’s main quest is to restore order in the lands by eliminating your enemies and finally ascending the throne as the new Elden Lord.

Becoming the new Elden Lord is quite a challenge and will require a great deal of patience and resilience. You must improve your supernatural abilities, weapons, and magic spells to defeat the demigods. This can be done by purchasing the items or by engaging in quests that will reward you with these items. Stronger enemies require more potent weapons to deal significant damage, disarm, or instantly kill the enemy.

About The Elden Ring Battle Hammer

In the Elden Ring, the Battle Hammer is a Warhammer (Great Hammer). It requires a combination of Strength and Dexterity to wield and use the Battle Hammer. The hammer was designed for gladiatorial combat and was used by the duelists expelled from the Colosseum. The weight of the Elden Ring Battle Hammer is enough to crush the enemy’s armor. If used well, the hammer can destroy the enemy without much effort.

The Battle Hammer requires scales of twenty-six Strength and eight Dexterity. The hammer utilizes the Braggart’s Roar skill to strike attacks against the enemy. Increase the power of your defense, attack, and recovery stamina using the Braggart’s Roar. Let your enemies know how strong you are with the boastful roar. You can infuse the Battle Hammer with the Ashes of War, consumables, and magic spells to increase the strength of the attack.

Elden Ring Battle Hammer Location

The big question is where to locate the Battle Harmer in Elden Ring or the Elden Ring Battle Hammer new location. If this is the case, there’s no need to worry anymore. The Battle Hammer can be found randomly dropped by the hammer-wielding duelists in Leyndell Royal Capital near the Colosseum. Also, you can find the hammer at the Murkwater Catacombs dropped by the Grave Warden Duelist. The other way to access the Battle Hammer is by defeating the Black Blade Duelist called Maliketh. At the Consecrated Snowfield, on the Mountaintop of the Giants, you’ll be able to locate the Rotten Battle Hammer inside a coffin.

To get to the consecrated Snowfield, you first need to reach the Mountaintop of the Giants. After reaching the Mountaintops of the Giants, travel northwest of the Consecrated Snowfield towards the graveyard. The area around the graveyard is full of snow, making it hard to see. You should be prepared for a battle with the Rotten Duelist at the graveyard. The Rotten Duelist has two hammers in both hands; you’ll have to eliminate them before it kills you.

A tip for surviving the attack is dodging the hammer attacks using the graves and then counterattacking. After a while, you will defeat the Duelist. You will receive the Rotten Battle Hammer as a reward for taking out the Rotten Duelist. The weapon will be added to your inventory, and you can gladly use it to crush your enemies.

Can you Upgrade the Battle Hammer?

The Battle Hammer (Warhammer) is perfect if you are strong enough to wield the weapon and attack the enemy. The Braggart’s Roar attack skill makes the weapon stronger and suitable for effecting powerful hammer attacks to crush the bosses’ armor and take them down. The Battle Hammer causes the Scarlet Rot buildup.

As noted, the Battle Hammer can be used with different types of the Ash of War, consumables, and magic spells. An infusion with any of these will make the hammer more powerful than it already is, making it easier to crack the enemy.

Can you upgrade the Battle Hammer? The answer to the question is that you can upgrade the weapon. Use the Smithing Stones to upgrade the Battle Hammer. Upgrading the Battle Hammer will make it deadlier for attacks and defense. This can improve your stamina recovery speed when you receive an attack.


The release of Elden Ring has sent the gaming community into a roar, with every fan battling their way through the game. However, the way through the game is not easy as you may be tempted to think. The difficulty levels in Elden Ring will cause you to repeat the same quest repeatedly until you’re strong enough to defeat the enemy. With this challenging gameplay, FromSoftware included various powerful weapons to help you through the quest. The Battle Hammer will help you to eliminate the enemies one after the other. Follow the insight offered in this guide to increase your chances of obtaining the hammer and punishing your enemies. It’s time to roar and announce your presence before you arrive.

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