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elden ring how to turn off messages

Elden Ring How to Turn Off Messages

Elden Ring is a players’ favorite game and has attracted millions of gamers worldwide interested in the Lands Between adventures. The game features various modes, solo and online modes, allowing friends to take on quests together through summoning, echo spirits, or messages on the ground.

As much as these communication media are helpful, it can be frustrating to see many messages popping up everywhere you go. The good news is that it is possible to turn off these Elden Ring messages, and here’s how to do it.

Are The Elden Ring Messages Important?

Yes. Elden Ring creates an interactive space in the messaging system for players to interact with one another. Here is where you’ll find guides or hints to help you in your Lands Between adventure. Also, this platform has created a community where players feel more connected.

Messaging in Elden Ring is beneficial, especially for new players. This messaging platform allows players to connect with other gamers and get insight into various aspects of the games. It is one of the best places to learn about significant game bugs and issues. You’ll find several ideas on how to fix these issues. Another benefit is you get reliable responses to the problems you might have; other players tend to reply fast and in real-time.

As much as it is beneficial, the messaging system has its downsides. For instance, veterans and experienced Elden Ring players use this avenue to fool new players into making foolish mistakes. Also, the messages can be overwhelming and easily distracts you at times. Therefore, it is good sometimes to turn off this feature.

You’re getting many messages mainly because of Elden Ring’s colossal fan base. Elden Ring has sold over 12 million gaming units worldwide, meaning you can interact with many players through the message system.

How to Turn Off Messages Elden Ring?

Before we begin, note that turning off the messages is impossible as you interact with other players in multiplayer features. So if you’re tired of getting silly hints that cost you your Elden Ring progress, your best move is to go offline. This will remove other players’ live chat features, keeping you focused on the task.

However, going offline in Elden Ring means you will have no access to summons and bloodstains. Also, there will be no invaders in your space, but most importantly, no messages. So, if you are willing to go on a solo multiplayer adventure, here’s what you can do to turn off the annoying Elden Ring messages;

  • Pause the game, go to the Main Menu, and select “System.”
  • Locate the “Network” tab and click on it.
  • Scroll down until you see the “Launch Settings” option.
  • Choose Play Offline
  • Go back to your Main Menu, then launch the game.

After following these steps, you will successfully activate Elden Ring offline mode. The annoying messages will not appear. However, the experience is not as fun as the online mode option. If you find it’s not interesting, use the guide above to switch back to Online mode.

More Information On Turning Off Messages in Elden Ring

Elden Ring features fascinating Lands Between adventures, causing excitement and thrills in the players. The players use the messaging platform to share their exciting experiences of their adventures. New players use tips, tricks, and guides to have successful quests. It is common to find gamers sharing funny messages, creating an Elden Ring community.

The only problem is that there is no way to avoid these many messages when playing the Online Elden Ring game mode. FromSoftware, the game developer, promises to improve the game, and we expect them to fix this issue. We hope for an update soon where players can limit or block the messages whenever they feel like it. This move will help players feel more immersed in their Lands Between adventures.

You’ll activate the Offline play option if you use the provided guide. However, in this mode, you won’t see other players’ spirits fighting or traveling across the Lands Between. Also, you cannot invite your friends to help you take out some tough Elden Ring bosses, and others can’t challenge you to a duel.

There are significant disadvantages to playing Elden Ring in its offline mode. You have to pay this price if you wish to eliminate the many annoying messages.

The Bottom Line

Elden Ring is a fan-favorite game, and most players use the featured messaging platform to express their feelings. The game takes you on a fantastic quest, and you cannot help but share your experience with others. This messaging feature is a hub of helpful tips on effectively playing Elden Ring. However, some games use this opportunity to fool others, leading them to lose their progress. Also, they can be annoying as they stream in fast. Therefore, if you want to turn off messages in Elden Ring, use this guide to help you out. 

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