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Ghostwire Tokyo Can You Unlock all Skills

Skills are important in Ghostwire Tokyo, increasing your ability and power to take down opponents. There are many available upgrades in the game that improve Akito’s skills, but they can be challenging to get. Most of the skills and upgrades are connected to weapons and KK’s spirit that guides Akito through the quest to fight the ghosts.

 Since the main mission in Ghostwire Tokyo is defeating the demons and rescuing the people, being well-skilled will be a great advantage. Therefore, unlocking skills in Ghostwire Tokyo is crucial. Read on to learn more about unlocking Ghostwire Tokyo skills, Ghostwire: Tokyo skill points, and Ghostwire: Tokyo best skills Reddit, among other related stuff.

How to Unlock Skills in Ghostwire Tokyo

Ghostwire Tokyo is similar to previous titles from Tango Gameworks, and unlocking skills is one of them. The game’s combat involves using stealth, karate, mobility skills, and magic to control Akito’s playstyle. One of the amazing things about the game is that you can customize Akito’s playstyle by unlocking the different skills in the game. The skills will upgrade his combat abilities and the game’s general progression.

There are 68 skills in Ghostwire Tokyo that upgrade the ability trees divided into Ethereal weaving, equipment, and abilities. You will require skill points to upgrade the Ghostwire Tokyo skills. The other way is by progression through the gameplay and learning different skills. With enough upgrades, you can control how stealthy Akito gets and his ability to recover, generate ammunition and grab cores. 

However, in the beginning, you will be forced to spend skill points unlocking the Charge Attack, Takehaya I. the skill is part of the game’s tutorial chapter and will cost ten skill points. After successfully unlocking, you will be free to unlock any skill.

How Do You Earn Spirit Points?

In Ghostwire Tokyo, you can earn spirit points by collecting souls. Exploring the dark allies and tall buildings for souls would be best. Also, you can earn souls by completing certain missions and side missions.

Once you find the spirits, you must absorb them using the Katashiro paper doll and use a phone booth to transmit them. However, you must use the Magatama for more advanced Ghostwire Tokyo skills. You can obtain it by obtaining the non-hostile Yokai like Ittanmomen, Kamaitachi, and Nurikabe or from a Handicraft Nekomata.

Ghostwire: Tokyo Skill Points

Different skills will require a different amount of skill points to upgrade. Below is a list of the best Ghostwire Tokyo skills.


●   Glide Summon Tengu requiring 7 Magatama and 45 Skill Points

●   Glide Duration Boost II requires 3 Magatama and 15 Skill Points

●   Spectral Vision Range Boost II requires 15 Skill Points

●   Wire In Duration Boost II requiring 3 Magatama and 15 Skill Points

●   Core Grab Speed Boost II requires 15 Skill Points

●   Core Grab HP Restoration II requires 15 Skill Points

●   Faster Sneaking II requires 3 Magatama and 15 Skill Points

●       Ground Core Grab Speed Boost requiring 15 Skill Points


It’s important to note that Spirit Point levels up the power of the Ethereal Weaves while Jizo Statues upgrade the number of Weaves you can cast.

●   Wind Charge Attack More Shots II requires 3 Magatama and 20 Skill Points

●   Wind Weaving Speed Boost III requires 40 Skill Points

●   Water Charge Attack Width Boost III requires 40 Skill Points

●   Water Weaving More Shots II requires 3 Magatama and 20 Skill Points

●   Charge Attack Speed Boost II requires 20 Skill Points

●   Fire Charge Attack Radius Boost III requires 3 Magatama and 40 Skill Points

●       Fire Weaving Piercing II requires 20 Skill Points


●   Bow Speed Boost II requires 3 Magatama and 10 Skill Points

●   Talismans Capacity Boost III requires 15 Skill Points

●   Prayer Beads Extra Set II requires 3 Magatama and 15 Skill Points

●   Consumables Capacity Boost III requiring 3 Magatama and 10 Skill Points

●       Quiver Boost III requires 15 Skill Points

Ghostwire Tokyo Skill Points After Max Level

In Ghostwire Tokyo, you get a reward of ten Skill Points to unlock your skills after every level. You will require 50 Synergy Levels to attain the maximum level in Ghostwire Tokyo. Therefore, you can achieve this in the game’s Chapter 4.

After attaining the max level, you cannot upgrade further, regardless of your number of XP. However, the max level doesn’t offer enough Skill Points to unlock all the skills in the game.

Ghostwire Tokyo Can You Get All Skills?

To earn the extra Skill Points to unlock all the skills requires you to locate the KK’s notes. You will earn 20 Skill Points from each Investigation note you locate. Locating the notes can be challenging since they are scattered throughout the map. Also, you will be required to part with high prices to purchase some of the notes.

Bottom Line

So, can you run it ghostwire tokyo? Unlocking skills in Ghostwire Tokyo will help to upgrade your abilities and the power of your attack. However, as noted, this might be challenging since you’ll require to earn skill points, attain certain levels, and collect KK’s Notes. Follow the guidelines above to ease your way into unlocking all the Ghostwire Tokyo Skill Points.

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