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Ghostwire Tokyo Map

Ghostwire Tokyo gameplay involves the mysterious disappearance of Shibuya’s populations when a mysterious fog from Hannya’s cultists engrosses the city. The monsters roam the city, and the only remaining human, Akito, must fight and defeat the demons. The game is basically a supernatural adventure through the town of Shibuya in Tokyo. Ghostwire Tokyo consists of detailed environs with great graphics. One notable feature is that Ghostwire Tokyo features a map similar to open-world games. 

Players can freely explore Tokyo by checking off activities and completing side quests. The Ghostwire Tokyo map is not too large but sizable, fun, and playable, as described by the developers. The map comprises different parts and landmarks in present-day Tokyo. What is more impressive is the beauty of the scenery. You can simply describe it as haunting yet beautiful.

Ghostwire Tokyo Map Gameplay

The game features an encyclopedia with information on the landmarks and everything else on the map. This background information makes it so interesting to explore the Ghostwire Tokyo map. The gameplay also contains scenes of Akito and KK (the spirit possessing Akito) discussing details of the world as you discover them. Finding all these parts of Japanese culture gives the game an extra fascinating touch. 

The lovers of a game’s environmental aspect will enjoy the breathtaking map details of Ghostwire Tokyo. Also found on the map are buildings, interior areas, and high-rises seeking secrets and rewards. The Ghostwire Tokyo map is not a horizontal map alone but contains vertical elements too.

Ghostwire Tokyo Map Size

As noted, the Ghostwire Tokyo map is sizable yet fun and playable with great detail. Although the landmarks may have different names, they are created with a stunning level of accuracy to appear like the real ones in present-day Tokyo. When you unlock Photo Mode in Ghostwire Tokyo, you can capture all these landmarks and save them for later. The supernatural aspects of the game add to the aesthetic of the map. The rain creates mystical symbols, wall graphics suddenly become live, clothes hang in the open, and much more. In short, exploring the Ghostwire Tokyo map would still be so much fun if the developers removed the gameplay.

The game has an open-world section of the map where you can explore its beauty and take down the demons. There’s also a tiny underground part of the map that is also part of the gameplay. If you are wondering how big the Ghostwire Tokyo map is, it’s approximately 1.125 km squared. This is from 1.25 km north to south and 0.9 km east to west. Therefore, the map may seem relatively smaller when compared to other game maps. However, the many areas to explore and collectibles make it seem much more extensive.

A close look at the Ghostwire Tokyo map will reveal dungeons and scary building interiors that need to be explored. These are found in different locations with loading screens. In the main and side quests, you’ll also explore subway tunnels, deserted homes, and alleys in search of collectibles and spirits. The map also contains the top of roofs and buildings sections that need to be explored. 

At the top of high shelves and building roofs, you’ll find a large number of spirits to eliminate and loot to take. Accessing the rooftops may be a challenge through the staircases and lifts. However, you can quickly fly to the top of buildings using a flying tengu. The tops also provide a good place for accessing other facilities. You don’t risk dying if you fall off the buildings.

How Accurate is Ghostwire Tokyo map?

Is the map an accurate life recreation of Tokyo, or is it a fictionalized section of Tokyo? Is it a scale of 1 to 1 to modern-day Tokyo? How accurate is the Ghostwire Tokyo map? These are some things that most Ghostwire Tokyo players may be wondering about the Ghostwire Tokyo map.

The map may not be a 1-to-1 scale of Tokyo, but it features many real-life Tokyo landmarks. Therefore, while some of the parts of the map are fictionalized, other parts are real-life replications of Tokyo.

Ghostwire Tokyo Map Landmarks

Ghostwire Tokyo map contains a total of 31 landmarks distributed throughout the map. Crossing most landmarks as you continue the gameplay is easy, but you’ll have to explore the map for the other landmarks. You can successfully discover the landmarks by being within 50 meters and without necessarily getting to the exact point on the map.

Apart from mere exploration adventure, the other main reason for exploring landmarks is the My BackYard trophy. You receive this trophy on successfully locating all the Ghostwire Tokyo landmarks.


Ghostwire Tokyo features a sizable map size, unlike most other video games. However, its size is not of significant concern since the developers provide maximum map utilization. The developers of this action-adventure, yet full of supernatural abilities, focused more on the map’s functionality than the size. One of the directors notes that the map size was unimportant.

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