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Hogwarts Legacy Can You Be Evil?

If you question can you be bad in Hogwarts Legacy, the answer is yes, you can take on an evil character on Hogwarts Legacy. A true Harry Potter fan would love to get the option of choosing a darker path as they discover all adventures. The good news is that there will be many evil characters in the game. The previews show a familiar green beam associated with the Avada Kedavra curse, killing people instantly.

The game confirms that it will feature unforgivable curses, including the Avada Kedavra. The spells are known to be evil in the Harry Potter series and a key feature in the series narratives.

Hogwarts Legacy will allow players to choose their story in the wizarding world, and we expect exciting evil adventures. We also expect the game to feature some, if not all, some of the popular evil figures by Potter.

Famous Harry Potter Evil Figures 

Here are some of the denoted evil figures you can choose for your evil adventures.

Mundugus Fletcher

Mundugus is a petty and selfish thief known for his criminal acts. Apart from crime, he is a symbol of betrayal. If you’re interested in uncovering his existence, Hogwarts Legacy is the game for you.

Petunia Dursley

Petunia is Harry Potter’s aunt who tries to hide her affiliation with the wizarding world. She tries to take out the resentment on Harry and Lily, doing her evil. However, her actions are justifiable, and she is not the evilest character in the Harry Potter series.

Rita Skeeter

Here is a less evil witch known for her bad morals and annoying character. Rita will go all the way to get or create a story, even if it means manipulating and invading the privacy of the interview participants.

Gilderoy Lockhart

No one can perfect the act of stealing other people’s credit better than Gilderoy Lockhart. He copies other wizards’ work, and most people don’t see the value or uniqueness he brings.

Peter Pettigrew

Peter is one of the hated Harry Potter characters, responsible for the deaths of James and Lily Potter. This and other acts of betrayal depict him as a miserable and pathetic evil figure.

Barty Crouch

Crouch is a ruthless villain who shows no mercy to the people who fall victim to his evil acts. The character hurts everyone ruthlessly, including the teenagers. He represents a sadist who enjoys the pain of others.

Fenrir Greyback

Fenrir is one, if not the evillest, character known for causing pain. He is responsible for most attacks on other wizards, causing eternal suffering and death. His ruthless nature spares no one, including children.

Bellatrix Lestrange

Bellatrix is a symbol of chaotic evil, and she is known for killing Sirius Black. She finds joy in the pain of others, and her presence is one other wizard’s fear.

How Can You Be Evil in Hogwarts Legacy?

Another common question among players is can you be a dark wizard in Hogwarts Legacy? As much as these characters seem evil, there are various reasons why people choose to take their journeys in other series. Most people root for Harry Potter, who is not perfect, since he is moody, impulsive, and self-absorbed. The character doesn’t bring out these negative traits like the others, including those mentioned.

The universal appeal of the Harry Potter series makes the villains a top priority for some. Hogwarts Legacy is among the few games where you can follow a darker path and experience the life of becoming a villain.

Bottom Line

Hogwarts Legacy is an open-action game set that allows you to take any path, whether good or evil, and you can be a dark wizard in Hogwarts Legacy. It’s time to explore the lives of one of the worst villains and witches in the Harry Potter series. The gameplay trailer shows the character taking a darker path as he uncovers and uses unforgivable curses. 

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