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Hogwarts Legacy Unreal Engine 5

As Hogwarts Legacy’s release date nears, more information on the open-world action RPG game becomes available. The game is expected to be the most ambitious under the Harry Potter series, and gamers have no choice but to question if it will use unreal engine 5.

Hogwarts Legacy has received a lot of hype from gamers worldwide, and it is time to determine what to expect from the game. There are many questions on whether Hogwarts legacy will use Unreal Engine 5. Here are the answers based on official communication and job listings done by Avalanche Software, the game developer.

Is Hogwarts Legacy Using Unreal Engine 5

According to a recent job listing, players should not expect the open-world action-RPG game to use the latest Unreal Engine version, Unreal Engine 5. The job listing specified that Avalanche Software was looking for someone with a high degree of skill, and one of the proficiencies was Unreal Engine 4. This is more than enough proof showing that the game will not use Unreal Engine 5.

Hogwarts Legacy was set for release in December 2022; however, the game developer pushed the date to February 10, 2023. Avalanche Software confirmed that Hogwarts Legacy is a cross-gen game, and we should expect PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PS5 game versions.

As much as Unreal Engine 5 is compatible with older hardware, it is more exclusive with the next-generation consoles. Therefore, for the game to take maximum advantage of Unreal Engine 5’s unique capabilities, it would require next-generation-only consoles. Therefore, it is safe to assume that Avalanche Software will use Unreal Engine 4.

Why Is Hogwarts Legacy Not Using Unreal Engine 5?

Unreal Engine 5 is a new technology, and as discussed above, it is not perfectly compatible with old-generation consoles. Hogwarts Legacy was under development for years before Epic Games released Unreal Engine 5.

Therefore, the game developers had limited time to switch to Unreal Engine 5. Also, it would take more time to swap since the developer would have to fully upgrade all game aspects to utilize Unreal Engine 5’s unique capabilities fully.

It is correct to assume that most of the work is already done and the game is in the testing and polishing stage. We can also think that the delays give the developer more time to perfect the final piece.

Why Is Unreal Engine 5 A Big Deal?

Unreal Engine is the latest multi-tool development environment released by Epic Games. Many upcoming games are set to utilize technology, sparking big conversations on the internet. So, why is Unreal Engine 5 a big deal?

The latest Unreal Engine 5 technology is the most capable and integrated engine option available. It perfectly combines visual design and high-end graphics with lighting, audio, animation, and many other capabilities.

Game developers nowadays opt for UE5 because of the improved graphical fidelity. This feature eliminates the need for developers to define in-game lighting and visibility features separately. Most developers used to spend a lot of effort perfecting this aspect; however, Unreal Engine 5 seeks to make their work easier.

Unreal Engine 5 also features in-built animation systems, making game development easier. The developer does not need to produce and import their work from various tools. These special processes make creating faces, bodies, and many other animated features effortless.

Unreal Engine 4 Vs Unreal Engine 5

Let us look at the key differences between UE4 and UE5 as we identify what has changed or improved. Unreal Engine 5 is superior to Unreal Engine 4, thanks to the various board improvements, such as lumen lighting, chaos destruction, and world partition. These improved features make it easier for developers to create huge game universes.

The Lumen lighting feature significantly improves the game’s performance. This lighting system makes dynamic global illumination more affordable and efficient. It also enhanced the static meshes’ quality, resulting in more beautiful environments. Another advantage of the UE5 is that it is free, and Epic Games plans to keep it this way for its entire life cycle.

As much as Unreal Engine 5 is superior, UE4 is also a powerful technology. Previous game titles have used Unreal Engine 4 to create incredible gameplay and storylines. Avalanche Solution has almost completed the game development process, and according to the game trailers, we should expect something phenomenal.

Even though the latest Harry Potter game release doesn’t use Unreal Engine 5, UE4 has powerful capabilities. The highly anticipated game is set to feature unique graphics to keep players entertained, engaged, and immersed in an exciting storyline.

The Bottom Line

Hogwarts Legacy doesn’t use the latest Unreal Engine 5, a technology with powerful features to make the game development process more straightforward. Avalanche Software began this project before the release of the new tech, and the game will likely stick to Unreal Engine 4 as initially planned.

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