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New Characters in League of Legends

How to Get New Characters in League of Legends?

League of Legends has an impressive character portfolio. Players can unlock these champions and characters in various ways, and the more you have, the more playing choices you get. There are over 100 champions, and Riot Games keeps making more, and buying each character will cost you a lot of time and money.

Therefore, if you want to try out as many LoL champions as possible, this is your review. Below is all the information you need to know on how to unlock new characters,how long to unlock all lol champions, and what options you have.

How to Get New Characters in LoL?

There are various ways players can use to unlock characters in League of Legends. The game allows you to pick your preferred champion in the beginning, as this is the first place to get a new character. However, the available choices at the beginning are limited and not exciting.

Other ways to get new characters in League of Legends include:

  1. Blue Essence

Blue Essence is players’ currency to unlock characters, skins, and all other League of Legends items. The game rewards you with this currency as you complete missions or level up. Once you have accumulated enough Blue Essence, you can use it to purchase and unlock your desired League of Legends characters.

  1. Champion Shards

Champion Shards are gratuities which fall from the Hextech Chest received after achieving an S-tier performance. These Shards are ideal alternatives, and you can unlock characters through;

  • Upgrading the Shard using some Blue Essence to unlock the champion permanently.
  • Activating the Shard and getting seven free days. During these seven days, the champion will be free; afterwards, you can’t use them again.
  • Disenchant the Shard and convert it to Blue Essence, which you can use to purchase a champion.
  • It is easy to open the Hextech Chests and retrieve the Champion Shards. To do this
  • You’ll have to play several matches to increase the chances of getting a Key Fragment.
  • Next is to combine three fragments to make a Hextech Ley which opens the Hextech Chest.

Note that you can earn a maximum of 12 Key fragments monthly.

  1. Store Purchases

The easiest way to unlock new champions is through the store. Players will have to use their RP or Blue Essence to make these purchases, and here is how they can do it;

Players can unlock new champions using Blue Essence earned in-game. They don’t have to spend real money to get the Blue Essence.

The other alternative is for players to purchase RP through micro-transactions. Once they have recharged their RP balance, they can purchase new champions from the game’s store.

As you make your character purchase at the store, you will notice that the most recent heroes cost more than those who have been in the franchise for a while.

  1. Rotation and Champion Sales

League of Legends features promotional events, such as the Rotation and Champion Sales, where players get to try out characters they don’t own. These promotional programs vary;

  • Rotation

This is a promotional program which happens every week. Players can free-play various champions not available in their collection. You’ll get a chance to play 14 champions; however, they won’t be permanently unlocked. If you enjoy a particular hero-playing style, you will have to use the methods to acquire them.

  • Champion Sale

Champion Sale is a limited-time offer where Riot Games allows players to enjoy champion sale discounts. The RP prices get slashed, which is the best opportunity to purchase several characters. Note that these discounts are for RP sales and not Blue Essence.

League of Legends Special Characters List

Riot Games constantly updates the League of Legends characters’ list; currently, there are over 160 playable champions. These champions vary in terms of attributes, appearance, and abilities. All characters, from the classic options to the recently added ones, are special, and it is safe to include them in the special character list.

League of Legends Character Release Dates

The number of available characters in League of Legends is always rising. This is because of the regular game updates by Riot Games. These updates are a way of keeping up with the current trends and ensuring players have the best gaming experience.

There is no specific character release date. However, when you see a League of Legends update available, you can expect to see new champions added to the collection.

The Bottom Line

There are many characters to try out in League of Legends and many ways to unlock them. The easiest way is through the store, where you will have to spend either Blue Essence or RP. There are other free ways to unlock champions in LoL. Instead of spending tons of money purchasing new characters, use this review to learn how to try out different champions for free. 

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