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Scholar’s Armament Elden Ring

How to Use Scholar’s Armament Elden Ring

The Lands Between is full of powerful bosses and NPCs ready to invade your territory. Therefore, you must equip and upgrade your armor to stand your ground when the enemies strike. One of the ways is to get the Scholar’s Armament. This spell allows you to cause more damage with every weapon swing or skill you attempt.

Scholar’s Armament is a powerful and valuable spell that proves beneficial when facing the most challenging Elden Ring bosses and foes. Therefore, it is best to learn how to use it effectively and where to find one in Elden Ring’s open world.

Understanding Scholar’s Armament Elden Ring? 

This is a magical spell that allows you to enchant your right-hand Armament with magic attacks. This spell’s effects last a minute and a half; this is more than enough time to attack and cause serious damage. You can also deactivate the spell by switching to another weapon.

The spell requires 12 intelligence to cast successfully. Note that you cannot use the Scholar’s Armament’s powerful effects on pre-existing and damaged weapons, such as lightning, fire, poison, cold, and bleed.

Where to Get Scholar’s Armament Elden Ring?

The Scholar’s Armament is one of the collectibles in Elden Ring, and you can purchase the item from Sorceress Sellen. You can find Sorceress Sellen at Waypoint Ruins, Limgrave. It will cost you 3,000 runes to get this spell. However, once you get to her, she will sell it to you by default; you don’t have to get her any scroll to purchase the spell.

If you’re not already familiar with Lands Between, use your map to get to Waypoint Ruins. First, you’ll have to get to Agheel Lake in Mulgrave, then walk eastwards. The benefit of taking or finding the Scholar’s Armament is that there are not many bosses or enemies, and you can go when at low levels.

When you get to Agheel Lake, you’ll see some nearby steps; take the steps that will lead you down to a cellar. Prepare yourself because you’ll face the Mad Pumpkin Head boss. He makes slow attacks, so taking him down won’t be a problem. After quickly taking him down, you’ll find Sorceress Sellen when you open the next door. Engage her and purchase the Scholar’s Armament for 3,000 runes.

Sorceress Sellen is also another important NPC in Elden Ring. She has her questline you’ll have the chance to take as the game progresses. However, when you choose to take on her side quest, you’ll not find her at this location. Instead, she will have moved to a new place, where she’ll still be selling more spells.

How to Use Scholar’s Armament Elden Ring?

The Scholar’s Armament requires high intelligence, and it is best to memorize it at the Site of Grace. After purchasing it from Sorceress Sellen, you’ll have to equip the spell, then the staff on your left and the sword on your right; note that the weapon on your right hand has to be a sword. After successfully equipping these items, use this spell to increase your sword’s damage.

If the weapon on your right is not a sword, the spell won’t work. Also, it is best to adequately memorize the skill since certain battle combinations might render you vulnerable as you attempt to use this spell.

For instance, most Elden Ring players know how to effectively use a staff, sword, and shield to perform basic attack and defense moves. However, you must change your equipment load if you wish to effectively incorporate the Scholar’s Armament into your fighting techniques.

After enough practice, you’ll notice how easy and beneficial the Scholar’s Armament can be. The increased damage ability is advantageous when facing more demanding bosses. Your sword’s damage output is more, and you’ll take fewer swings to finish off your enemies.

Another advantage of this magic spell is that you can use it while in motion. There is no need to hide and reload, as some Elden Ring enchantments require. You’ll love the powerful effect of the added magic attack power as you take out enemies while sprinting or rolling.

Also, note that you’ll have to recast the spell when you accidentally unequip your weapon. This also includes two-handing the staff.

The Scholar’s Armament is not the most powerful magic spell, but its effects can be powerful if you master how to use it effectively. Therefore, it is best to practice knowing when to equip and formulate the ideal attack strategies.

The Bottom Line

The Scholar’s Armament is an effective spell that allows you to equip your weapons and cause much damage to your enemies. It is easy to find and use this spell, provided you know how to. This review gives a comprehensive review of the Scholar’s Armament, and you should use it to learn how to effectively activate the spell and take out anyone who stands in your way. 

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