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Morning Star Location Elden Ring

Elden Ring introduces players to an intense Lands Between, filled with powerful enemies and bosses. The action-adventure game puts your combat, strategy, and exploration skills to the test, which are crucial in advancing through the levels.

The good news is that many powerful weapons exist throughout Lands Between, such as the Morning Star. These weapons are well-distributed, and the superior ones are well-hidden in various locations. Therefore, you can easily miss out on these powerful options if you need exceptional exploration skills. If you are still looking for the star or the Elden Ring Morning star not there, here is where to find it.

What Is the Morning Star In Elden Ring?

The Morning Star is a powerful Elden Ring melee weapon with a mace-like design. It is among the options in the Elden Ring Hammer category. Some of its unique abilities scale your Strength and Dexterity stats. Therefore, the Morning Star is ideal if you want to inflict more damage, cause more blood loss, and take your enemies down quickly.

What is more, the Morning Star is a great choice if you want to take on huge monsters and bosses. Its low stamina cost and damage output make it ideal for taking down enemies quickly with little energy expenditure.

Where to Find The Morning Star In Elden Ring

There is only one available Morning Star available throughout Lands Between. It would be best to prioritize obtaining the weapon as it gives you an advantage over more challenging bosses. Therefore, you can find the Morning Star in the Weeping Peninsula inside a chest. When you get to the Weeping Peninsula, you will see a broken carriage on the main road, and inside is a chest containing the Morning Star.

It is effortless to retrieve the Morning Star. However, most players’ challenge is getting to the precise location in the vast Lands Between map. Even veteran Dark Soul fans find themselves lost as they trace their way to the Morning Star.

The good news is that it doesn’t take much to get to the Morning Star and include it in your weapon collection. Furthermore, there are no enemies to battle or barriers to getting this melee weapon.

Here is how to get the sacred Morning Star Elden Ring:

  1. Open your Lands Between map and locate the Weeping Peninsula in the southern part of the world.
  2. Make your way to the Lands Between, and you should be prepared if you encounter any enemies on your way to the Weeping Peninsula. The easiest route to use is approaching the area from the northern side through the Bridge of Sacrifice.
  3. You can use the bridge as a landmark. When you get to it, head south, where you will see the broken carriage on the road containing the Morning Star.
  4. In case you miss the Bridge of Sacrifice, there is a Site of Grace nearby which you can use as a landmark. You can get to the broken carriage by exploring the areas south.

For the veteran players familiar with the Weeping Peninsula, the carriage containing the Morning Star on the road leading to Castle Morne. This weapon is available in the middle of the Castle Morne Rampart and the Site of Grace.

After following the simple steps above, you will successfully retrieve the Morning Star and add it to your weapon collection. It gets added to your inventory immediately, and you can use it whenever you wish.

More on Elden Ring’s Morning Star

After going through the above sections, you realize the Morning Star is a must-have weapon in your inventory. One strike can cause massive damage and blood loss, making you lethal in front of your enemies.

The Morning Star is upgradeable, and you can use the Smithing Stones to upgrade the melee weapon. Also, you can make it more lethal by infusing it with the Ashes of War. Furthermore, players can buff it up using various Consumables and Magic.

In addition, the Morning Star features unique thrusting variants in the hammer move set. Once you select the weapon, you access the unique abilities of the Scepter of the All-Knowing.

It is essential to mention that you can also purchase the Magic Star from various Elden Ring merchants. It will cost you about 100 Runes to buy the weapon.

One of the main advantages of Magical Star is that it requires low stats. Other advantages include high base damage, innate bleeding, good scaling, and easy availability. It is easy to retrieve the Morning Star early in the game and is the ideal backup weapon for any player. Also, it is the best option for anyone looking for a fire or magic-infused weapon to add to their collection.

The Bottom Line

The Elden Ring Morning Star good weapon is a powerful collectible that every player needs in their collection. This melee weapon increases damage with each strike, and its powerful effects make it easier to take enemies down. Therefore, if you are wondering about the Elden Ring Morning Star vs flail stats, locations, abilities, etc., this is the guide for you

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