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Nobody Saves the World Guide

Nobody Saves the World has quickly become a favorite for gamers who enjoy unique adventure and action twists. It has incredible, immersive, exciting gameplay featuring intriguing side quests and missions. If you have tried it out, you know the top-tier gameplay elements featured.

However, Nobody Saves the World requires you to understand its essential operation to enjoy the game. If you are a new player, use this guide to get more insight into Nobody Saves the World game aspects, from the side quests to the available trophies.

The Overworld

The Nobody Saves the World adventures unfold progressively, and new locations become available after unlocking new forms. Each featured area includes many crannies and nooks to explore using your map. The more curious a player is, the higher the chances of discovering the hidden treasures. This means you should be ready to encounter enemies, take side quests, and find other collectibles, improving your experience. Therefore, using your map to explore all available locations is best.

Nobody Saves the World Forms

Different forms are available in the game, and you can change your form depending on the task. It is easy to change to another and navigate easily through the game. The game also allows you to unlock new forms, and the easiest way is to open and explore the various dungeons. It is best to try out all available forms and avoid focusing on one form quest and leaving the others unexplored.

The first form most players unlock is the Egg. This form features no combat abilities and no combat quests. Instead, the Egg requires players to find all five nests available to level up. Once you get the nests, they attract a large bird. This is a crucial form quest since it allows you to level up your abilities and helps you unlock the game’s final form.

Nobody Saves the World Guild Quests

Several guilds are available based on Knights, Thieves, and Wizards archetypes. These guilds feature three to four quests each time for players to complete. After completing the chain of quests, additional quests are made available. These guilds are perfect for completing quests fast and unlocking various rewards and new locations.

Nobody Saves the World is full of quests, and at times you might find yourself taking on one which becomes too tough. Players can choose to skip the tough challenge and choose another. They will, however, have to come back and complete it later.

Nobody Saves the World Trophy Guide

Nobody Saves the World rewards players after the completion of a specified milestone. There are 40 achievement rewards available in the game, 33 available in the base game, and seven secret/hidden rewards for those who get the DLC pack.

These achievements require you to locate all the 35 Mana fairies and miscellaneous achievements. Trophies, and get everything available in the shops. Note that there is no missable Nobody Saves the World achievements.

It takes two playthroughs for players to unlock all available options. Therefore, everyone can get all available trophies through the standard playthrough.

Available Customizations

The Nobody Saves the World is a vast space, and you’ll encounter all kinds of enemies. This is why the game offers various customization options to help you easily blend with the different settings. For instance, you’ll see active wards and special modifiers as you approach the various dungeons. These collectibles are essential since they will shield you from enemy attacks.

These customizations take on different forms, especially for special modifiers. For instance, if you find yourself battling enemies in a dungeon that boosts damage, getting a modifier with high defense is best since the dungeon effect will help you cause more damage.

You can think of these Nobody Saves the World customization options as puzzles. These puzzles require you to customize and create a character who can survive the adverse conditions in a particular setting. Unfortunately, one mistake most new players make is to focus on their brute strength, forgetting their defense stats.

When making these customizations, the best thing to do is to learn and adapt to your setting. For example, sacrifice strength customizations for more defensive abilities if you are in a dungeon that boosts damage.

These customizations are essential in many other areas, not the dungeons alone. You can discover them or buy from the various vendors in the game. These vendors sell passive stat boosts to help you improve your physical defense, physical attack, magic defense, and magic attack. Remember to spend wisely as you purchase expensive stats to boost your character.

The Bottom Line

Nobody Saves the World is an exciting action RPG game that promises to take you on a wild adventure deep in the intense dungeons. The gameplay is fantastic and features exciting quests and powerful enemies. These adventures become more accessible and fun once you have an idea of the game. That’s why we’ve done the guide above to help you enjoy Nobody Saves the World more. 

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