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OlliOlli World Xbox Game Pass

The legendary OlliOlli skateboarding adventures return with the latest release OlliOlli World. Fans worldwide have praised the new and improved gameplay features, and there is a long list of positive reviews about the game. OlliOlli World has been out for a while, and if you haven’t tried it out yet, you are missing out on a lot.

If you are new to the OlliOlli Legend series, you’re in for extraordinary adventures and skateboarding quests, especially with the latest title. We wish you to have an easier tie launching the game, and this review is here to answer all questions Xbox users might have regarding the new OlliOlli Word.

When Is OlliOlli World Coming Out?

OlliOlli World is out, and it is time to join in the fantastic skateboarding adventures. Roll7 officially released the game on February 8th, and since then, players worldwide have been enjoying the game. OlliOlli World is available at the Nintendo Store, Microsoft Store, Steam, and PS.

Is OlliOlli World Coming to Xbox Game Pass?

Before the game’s release, there was no official announcement made on whether the game was to be available on Xbox Game pass. Considering that the game is available on multiple platforms, players can’t help but wonder if they can enjoy the game on the Xbox Game Pass for free.

The simple answer is no. As of this writing, Game Pass subscribers cannot play the game for free. Game Pass is a package offered by Microsoft, and we know Microsoft for keeping this subscription service updated. The bad news is that OlliOlli World is currently unavailable in Game Pass. Also, there are no comments or official announcements from Roll7 or Microsoft on the matter. If we were to be optimistic, it is safe to say that there are still chances for the game to get featured under Xbox Game Pass.

Therefore, if you are an Xbox Pass subscriber, you must get OlliOlli World from any digital vendor.

Where Can I Find OlliOlli World for My Xbox?

OlliOlli World is available for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S users, and you can expect to spend $29.99 for the Standard Edition and $44.99 for the Rad Edition. There are various platforms to source your copy, and if you were to get it from the Xbox Store, there are add-ons available in the OlliOlli Word bundle.

What Is OlliOlli World?

If you are new to the OlliOlli series, here is what to expect from the latest release. Veterans know what to expect, although the game includes better gameplay features, controls, skills, and more.

About OlliOlli World

OlliOlli World is a new skateboarding action-adventure game that allows players to flip and flow in the vibrant Radlandia World. You’ll meet other colorful characters as you challenge them and learn various grinds and tricks. The aim is to find your way to the mystical skate gods if you wish to beat your competition easily.

It’s time to start, or continue, your skateboarding adventures in the new OlliOlli World. Begin your quest for Gnarvana to learn the new gameplay mechanics. Your adventures will take you to new biomes, where you’ll meet wacky characters.

OlliOlli World has exceeded all gamers’ expectations thanks to these fantastic features:

  • OlliOlli World’s amazing graphics

When you launch OlliOlli World on your Xbox console, you will enjoy a 4K Ultra HD display. Roll7 designed the game with unique display capabilities such as unparalleled load times, responsiveness, visuals, and framerates of up to 120FPS.

  • New adventures

OlliOlli World takes you to Radlandia, the dream world for any skateboarder. The game allows you to travel across vibrant locations as you meet eccentric characters. These new adventures mean trying better side quests, rewards, and snowboarding tricks. You’ll also enjoy the perfectly hand-picked soundtrack that keeps you immersed.

  • Play at your level

OlliOlli World is considerate of new and veteran players. Various levels are available in the Sandbox mode, and the difficulty progresses as you advance. You can also achieve mastery by challenging other rivals in the leagues. There are over 100 moves to try and master, and you should learn how to combine them effectively to get to the top of the leaderboard.

  • Express yourself freely

Players can customize their characters after unlocking various rewards. The customizable options will allow you to determine the looks, style, and tricks. For example, if you wish to skate wearing stylish flip flops or a bumble bee onesie, it is possible, provided you unlock the special rewards. Everything is possible in OlliOlli World as long as you keep skating. Moreover, you can use the character creator to design your logos and boards.

  • Controller support

OlliOlli World supports various controllers, including arcade sticks. The control options are fully remappable, and you can connect multiple controllers if you wish to play with friends. The good news is that the controls are tight, and they perfectly match the game’s pace. In addition, you can change them anytime you want without affecting your gameplay experience. 

The Bottom Line

Xbox users can enjoy the action-packed OlliOlli world adventures on their consoles. The bad news, however, is the game is not available in Xbox Game Plus, and subscribers can’t enjoy the game for free. This means they have to purchase the game from digital vendors. If this is your case, use this review to acquire, launch, and get the information you need to know about OlliOlli World. 

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