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Redfall: Vampire Types Explained

Hey gamers, get ready to sink your teeth into Redfall’s newest and deadliest foes – vampires! In this article, we’re taking a closer look at all the unique types of vampires you’ll encounter in Arkane’s upcoming release. From wealthy biotech entrepreneurs turned bloodsuckers to all-new terrifying breeds, you won’t want to miss out on learning about the different types of vampires that await you in Redfall. Get ready to hunt down these creatures of the night and discover their weaknesses – read on to find out more!

What Are Vampires in Redfall?

Redfall is an upcoming video game that features vampires as the primary antagonists. The game is set in the fictional town of Redfall which has been overrun by these bloodthirsty creatures after a failed science experiment. The players take on the role of a team of four unique survivors who must band together to repel the vampires and take back the town.

The vampires in Redfall are not your typical undead creatures. They are intelligent, cunning, and come in a variety of shapes and sizes, making them a formidable enemy. The game features several different types of vampires, each with its unique strengths and weaknesses.

For example, there are vampires that can turn invisible, making them difficult to track and take down. There are also vampires that can fly and move quickly, making them a challenge to target. In addition, there are vampire bosses that require a coordinated effort from the players to defeat.

According to recent announcements from the developers, players will not be able to engage in any romantic relationships with the game’s vampires in Redfall.

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Redfall Vampires’ Background

The vampires in Redfall have a unique and interesting background. They were once highly intelligent and wealthy biotech entrepreneurs from Aevum Laboratories who came to the island to conduct research into longevity and life extension. They used blood as the basis for their experiments and conducted various blood drives and human trials. However, something went wrong during their experiments, and they deliberately turned themselves into blood-sucking monsters to achieve immortality at the expense of others. They eventually overran the town and sought to rule over it, unleashing chaos and destruction in the process. Moreover, these vampires continue to evolve and develop powerful abilities, posing a significant threat to the survivors who must band together to defeat them.

Redfall Vampires Mechanics

As mentioned earlier, vampires in Redfall have common traits, but specialized vampires have unique features and mechanics that players must be aware of. Their position in the vampire hierarchy and role within the group determine their transformation and abilities. Therefore, it’s important to identify the vampire types and understand their mechanics to effectively take them down. In the following sections, we will take a closer look at each type of vampire and what makes them a dangerous threat in Redfall.

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Every Redfall Vampire Type Revealed


Let’s talk about the Minions in Redfall. No, not those yellow guys from the movies, we’re talking about the lowest-level vampiric enemies in the game. Although they don’t have official names yet, we’re calling them Minions for now. These bloodthirsty creatures are fast and agile, with superior strength that makes them formidable opponents. But don’t worry, we don’t expect them to take too many shots to defeat. Based on the gameplay trailer, we can tell that these Minions will be more intelligent and agile than zombies in Left 4 Dead. So, be sure to stay alert and don’t get surrounded, or you’ll be their next meal.


These unique vampires have the ability to cloak an entire area in darkness, making it hard for you to see and navigate. They also have the power to hurl energy projectiles at you, so be ready to dodge or take cover. To make matters worse, they can phase through the floor to avoid damage. But don’t worry, if you shoot the glowing red core on their body, you can deal massive damage and take them down. Be careful though, these vampires are tough and require a strategy to defeat.


If you thought dealing with regular vampires was tough, just wait until you come across the Angler in Redfall. This unique enemy type has fiery hair and can throw a harpoon-like weapon made of glowing energy at your team. If it hits, not only does it cause damage but it can also pull a teammate towards it, isolating them from the rest of the group. Defeating an Angler will require teamwork, especially if it manages to capture one of your teammates. Stay focused, fend off other enemies, and take it down together!

Watcher and Rook

The Watcher vampire is a formidable enemy type in Redfall that players will have to be wary of when moving stealthily across the game’s map. This creature, which looks like a skeleton with beams of light shooting from its eyes, serves as an alarm system for its vampire brethren, alerting them to the slightest sign of human activity. It is strategically positioned at advantageous locations such as rooftops, balconies, or trees.

Meanwhile, defeating enough vampires will lead to the appearance of the Rook, a super-powered vampire sent in by the Vampire Gods. Although the extent of their abilities is still unknown, based on the gameplay footage, the Rook is expected to be an extremely fast and powerful enemy that will require teamwork to take down. It’s interesting to note that the character Rook from Redfall is frequently compared to the iconic Witch from Left 4 Dead, drawing similarities in their eerie presence and formidable abilities.

Vampire Underboss and Vampire Gods

In Redfall, players will face numerous Vampire Elites known as Underbosses. Defeating these elites will bring players closer to encountering the ultimate boss, the Vampire Gods. These gods are responsible for plunging the world into darkness and trapping players on the island. They have undergone the most transformations from the failed scientific experiment, making them the apex vampires in the game with unique abilities. Prepare for a tough fight against these powerful bosses in Redfall!

Final Points

Redfall promises to bring a diverse range of vampire enemies to the game. While all vampires share common characteristics like razor-sharp fangs, the need for blood, and increased strength and agility, specialized vampires like Minions, Shrouds, Anglers, Watchers, Underbosses, and Vampire Gods each bring their unique abilities and challenges to the game. Get ready to hunt down some nasty creatures and put your vampire-slaying skills to the test in Redfall!

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