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Exclusive: Scott Pilgrim the Video Game! Music by Anamanaguchi, Pixel Art by Paul Robertson

I’ve made it obvious that I love the Scott Pilgrim comics and I can’t wait to watch the movie. When I heard about the videogame, though, my gut told me that it was going to be disappointing. I mean, it’s a movie tie-in from a big-name publisher, and they’re pretty much always terrible.

Well, there was no need to worry. Apparently, Bryan Lee O’Malley made sure that Ubisoft treated his baby with respect. Today at PAX East, I found out that Anamanaguchi is writing the soundtrack. During their concert tonight, they played one of the tracks they wrote for the game, and the on-stage visuals included animation and artwork from pixel master Paul Robertson, creator of the Pirate Baby’s Cabana Battle Street Fight 2006 animation and proud Mecha Fetus member.

Wow. Could the combination be any better? Four years: that’s how long it took from the release of Pirate Baby for a videogame company to be smart enough to hire Paul Robertson to animate a beat’em up adventure with his trademark bouncy pixels. Everyone that watched Pirate Baby’s wished that it was made into a real game. Combine it with incredible chip music and the Scott Pilgrim storyline, and you already have one of the most exciting video game releases for 2010.

Touché, Ubisoft.

The images included are screengrabs from the visuals used in the Anamanaguchi performance tonight, from a song that they wrote for Scott Pilgrim the Video Game!

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