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Sniper Elite 5 How to Invade Friends

Sniper Elite 5 is a tactical shooting game that follows the story of Karl Fairburne as he attempts to halt Project Kraken, a Nazi secret project. Playing the game alone is fun, but multiplayer options are also available for those who like to play with their friends. Sniper Elite 5, therefore, features Axis Invasion Mode. in this mode, you can invade other players’ campaigns. Here, you play Jager, the Elite German Sniper. Your task is to hunt down the other person before they complete their objectives, and you get killed. Let’s look closely at the Axis Invasion Mode, how to invade your friends and how to invite your friends in multiplayer.

Axis Invasion Mode

In Axis Invasion Mode, you cannot select whom to invade since you are paired randomly with another player online. This will reduce the chances of invading your friend. If you play on the multiplayer option, you can invade other players’ campaigns and only invade your friends. To turn on Axis Invasion Mode, you need to access the main menu, turn it on, and wait for the game to pair you.

When playing as the German Sniper Jager, you must track and finish the other player as quickly as possible or complete the game’s objectives. If you are the protagonist, you, in turn, have to ensure you don’t get killed by Jager before you kill him and get done with your objectives. The biggest challenge is that you have no exact location of the other player. Therefore, both of you must stay vigilant and alert at all times. However, this is solved when the Invasion Phone becomes available; thus, you can pinpoint the other player’s location. Unfortunately, you also have no idea whether you’re hunting down one player or two of them.

One of the advantages of Axis Invasion Mode is that it supports cross-play. You have to enable cross-play in the options, and you are good to go. The cross-play option means you can play with another player, whether using a PC, Xbox, or PlayStation, regardless of their platform.

The number of kills you make in this mode determines the weapons and cosmetic rewards. This is unlike the multiplayer mode, where your rank determines the weapons and other rewards that you get. To invade other players in this mode, ensure you’re connected, set traps, customize your weapons, use invasion phones, survey the area, look for dead bodies, and attack on any chance you get.

Turning it off requires minimal effort if you are not okay with this mode. First, go to the menu and turn it off. Also, when your internet connection fluctuates, the mode will be turned off automatically.

Multiplayer Mode

Multiplayer options allow you to play and invade your friends. There are options like Squad Match, Free-For-All, Team Match, and Custom Game. You get to play with your friends as you explore the map. This mode allows you to play with only your friends in a short session

Survival Mode

In Survival mode, you must defend many command posts at once while also fighting off enemy attacks. The mode is endless, and the time to play depends on how long you can hold the enemy off before you get eliminated. Survival Mode, therefore, requires a large number of weapons, a strategy, resilience, and vigilance, to protect the command posts and yourself.

Co-operative Mode

Co-Op mode allows you to enter a campaign with another player, so the two of you will play on one side. You can either choose to host the game or join an already-hosted game by your friend. This mode offers you an advantage over the enemy since you have a partner. The two of you have a common goal and enemy to fight.

Sniper Elite 5: How to Invite Friends

Entering the campaign solo and beating the opponent undetected is such a triumph. However, having a buddy to help you in the campaign and being able to defeat the enemy has more satisfaction. Co-Op mode will offer you this chance to join a campaign with a partner.

As noted earlier, you can either host or join a hosted game. To do this, go to the main menu, and below the campaign button pc, you’ll get “Host Co-Op Game” and “Find Co-Op Game.” The “Find Co-Op Game” option will pair you with a random person online. To play with a friend, select “Host Co-Op Game.” After hosting the game, you’ll get a list of online players. You can choose the player directly or send them the invite code.

Playing Sniper Elite 5 can be thrilling, solo, or with a friend. Invasion Axis Mode offers you the chance to invade someone else campaign, but you have no authority over whom the game will pair you with. Survival, Co-Op, and Multiplayer modes allow you to play with friends and even against them.


Sniper Elite 5 is a fantastic game you can play with friends or alone. The different modes make the game more interesting, and you can learn new tactics and strategies with each playthrough. Whether you want to play in a team or go solo, the choice is yours.

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