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Sniper Elite 5 Steffen Beckendorf Missing

Your first Sniper Elite kill challenge involves finding Steffen Beckendorf and killing him using an explosive. After a successful attempt, the game rewards players with the Machine Pist.40 SMG, a powerful weapon. Other side quests require players to find and dispatch Steffen Beckendorf.

Sniper Elite mission 1 kill challenge is easy, especially for veteran players familiar with the game. However, there are concerns from some players who are still looking for Steffen Beckendorf. The primary mission 1 target is there, and these gamers need help finding Steffen Beckendorf. Therefore, this is the ultimate guide for Sniper Elite 5 Steffen Beckendorf Reddit users should use to complete the mission 1 kill challenge.

Where to Find Steffen Beckendorf in Sniper Elite 5

The killing of Steffen Beckendorf is the final task of Sniper Elite 5’s mission 1: This Atlantic wall. Note that Steffen Beckendorf is in a vehicle patrolling the area, and there is no one place to find him. This patrolling vehicle is in the southern part of your first map. Most players need help finding Steffen because of the uncertainty of his precise location.

If you observe the Sniper Elite veteran players, one of the effective strategies they use to get to Steffen Beckendorf is staging an ambush. Therefore, you must have your explosives, silence, and stealth weapons ready. Remember that Steffen Beckendorf is heavily armed, and once you blow your cover, he can easily take you out.

Therefore, you will have to get into position and survey the area without alerting anyone. The best place to consider is at the junction located northeast of Marcell’s house, near his safe house. Once everything is set, you must be patient for the patrolling car to drive by.

How to Kill Steffen Beckendorf in Sniper Elite 5

There are two ways you can use to kill Steffen Beckendorf.

Method 1

Once you are strategically positioned at the northeast junction, you can choose to lay down the mines prior. Alternatively, you can wait for the patrolling car to approach, then throw a grenade toward the car. This simple technique will detonate the vehicle, taking Steffen Beckendorf out.

In Case you miss your aim, and Steffen Beckendorf manages to get out of the car, you can use your other weapons to aim and kill him. Steffen is the officer wearing the high-ranking officer suit.

Method 2

This is the method to use if you are not a fan of stealth movements and want more action. You can intentionally cause chaos in the town within Steffen Beckendorf’s patrol. This unrest will bring him to your location. He will alight his car and approach you on foot when he gets there.

Steffen Beckendorf is not a regular soldier, and you should look out for the guy wearing the outstanding uniform. Before he advances any closer, use your weapons to take him out, and complete Sniper Elite 5 mission 1 kill challenge.

Between the two methods, the best to use is to be stealthy and patient. Wait for Steffen Beckendorf to walk into your trap, and taking him out will be easier.

Steffen Beckendorf Missing in Sniper Elite 5

Some players have followed these steps and reported a bug preventing Steffen Beckendorf from appearing in the said location. This bug doesn’t spawn Steffen Beckendorf, and it can be frustrating, especially after patiently waiting for the target to come to you.

If you’ve experienced this in your first mission, chances are it will happen again, and you will experience the same with other important enemies. Therefore, to save yourself from all the hassle, it is best to restart your machine, launch the game, then use the steps above to get to Steffen Beckendorf.

However, if you notice that the target isn’t spawning even after restarting the game, use the following steps to get to Steffen Beckendorf and kill him:

  1. Use your map to move to the southwestern end of your map, where you will find some tents. Light the bonfire near these tents to unlock Town Promenade’s starting location.
  2. Next is to complete the Sniper Elite 5 mission 1 kill challenge.
  3. Reload this mission and select the lowest difficulty. Remember to choose Town Promenade as your starting location.
  4. Afterward, return to the game and head to the search area. Follow the steps above and you will easily find and finish Beckendorf.
  5. If he doesn’t appear, repeat these steps twice or thrice until he spawns.

The steps provided above will spawn Steffen Beckendorf. However, if you still need help with something, it is best to contact Rebellion Development support and share your problems.

The Bottom Line

Are you tired of patiently waiting for Steffen Beckendorf, then he fails to spawn? Use the guide above to fix the issue, take him out, and continue to the next Sniper Elite 5 kill challenge. Above is all the information you need to assassinate Steffen Beckendorf in Sniper Elite 5 successfully

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