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Sniper Elite 5 Stolen Antiques

As you begin the new Sniper Elite 5 intense action, it won’t take long before you get tasked with finding Stolen antiques. Sniper Elite’s mission 2 requires players to find three stolen antiques. The stolen antiques mission 2 are available in the Chateau, north of the map. There are numerous collectibles available in Sniper Elite, and there are chances you might miss these antiques.

These stolen antiques are easy to find, provided you know where to go. Therefore, if you are still looking for the stolen antiques, use this guide to get to their locations and complete the second mission.

Sniper Elite 5 Stolen Antiques Location

Sniper Elite 5 stolen antiques mission 2: occupied residence consists of two side objectives; the first requires players to kill Friedrich Kummler using a chandelier, and the second is finding the stolen antiques. The first challenge is straightforward, while the second can be demanding, especially for those new to the Chateau. Therefore, here are the locations in Snipe Elite 5 mission 2: find the stolen antiques:

  1. Group Statuette

The first stolen antique players must find the Group Statuette, available in Chateau’s main building. When you get to the Chateau, go to the third floor, where you’ll see a green chest. Open the chest to retrieve the Group Statuette antique.

  • As easy as it seems, the challenge is getting to the green chest. Here is the path to follow to get to the chest:
  • Make your way through the Chateau’s main entrance and go west until you get to the courtyard.
  • You take a small set of stairs to get to a door leading to the main building.
  • Head south, down the hallway, then take the stairs to the left of the hallway’s end.
  • Keep going east when you reach the top of the stairs and go through the doorway.
  • There is another set of stairs to your right which you should take. Enter the first room to your right, and you’ll see the green chest.

When you get to the chest, you will have to pick the locks to unlock and retrieve the Group Statuette.

  1. Old Man Statuette

After retrieving the Group Statuette, the next task is to get the Old Man Statuette available in the same building. Take the stairs down to the second floor to get to the stolen antique. When you get to this floor, head over to the top of the stairs leading to the first floor, then enter Kummler’s office. The office is adjacent to where you are standing. You’ll find a note on the desk containing a code that you will use to retrieve the Old Man Statuette.

The next task is to get to the safe containing the second stolen antique. You will have to leave Kummler’s office and head west to the Aberlad Moller’s entrance. Next is to head north and enter the first door to our left. Keep going north until you get to a room with a bed. Here is where you’ll see a woman’s painting. Interact with the picture, and it will reveal the location of the safe containing the Old Man Statuette.

  1. Soldier Statuette

The final stolen antique is easy to find. You’ll have to exit the main building and make your way to a smaller facility located in the northeast corner. The described building has a Stone Eagle, and beware of the sniper on the second floor. The sniper is the one in possession of the final antique. You will have to find a way to avoid his aim, get into the building, and retrieve the Soldier Statuette. The best way is to use the below entrance, then make your way to the second floor.

What Next After Finding the Sniper Elite 5 Stolen Antiques

Your quest to find the three stolen antiques is part of the Sniper Elite mission 2: Occupied Residence mission. It is the final task after the killing of Friedrich Kummler. After completing the assignment, you will advance to the third Sniper elite 5 mission 2 find the stolen antiques.

The good news is that the game allows you to go on the search quest together with your friends. A cross-play compatibility feature makes it easier to join forces with friends using their Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC devices. 

It gets exciting with the new feature, which allows you to invade or get invaded. The new mechanism is similar to that in other Online shooter games, and Sniper Elite 5 makes it possible to initiate your team and defend yourselves from invasions.

The Bottom Line

If you find it hard to get the Sniper Elite 5 stolen antiques Occupied Residence, you’ve realized how easy it is. Unlike most in-game collectibles, these stolen antiques require players to locate their chests, interact with paints, pick locks, etc., to get them. Therefore, use this guide to learn of the Sniper Elite 5 stolen antique locations. 

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