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Tunic Game Map

Tunic is one of the best action-adventure games of 2022. The game takes you to a vast and intriguing world, and there are higher chances you’ll wander places you didn’t know. Its gameplay features various traversing sections making the adventures complex.

Like many other games, Tunic offers players a map; however, it is unavailable at the start. You must complete various tasks to get pieces of the Tunic game map. Read along to understand how to open the map, where to find the Overworld map, and what to look out for.

Where to Find the Overworld Map in Tunic

The Overworld map is vital in helping you locate hidden collectibles and beat the game. You can find the map on the small island close to East Forest’s entrance. Note that this area is not accessible as you begin the game; you’ll find the path to this small island blocked by bushes, and you will need a sword to cut them down.

Therefore, your first objective when finding the Overworld map is to get a sword. This task is easy, and you can effortlessly get a sword from the Hero’s Grave. If you aren’t sure where the grave is, head eastwards, and you’ll see it.

There are no obstacles on the way, and once you acquire the sword, head back to the small island’s entrance and cut down the bushes. After clearing, take the path to the island and retrieve Page 28 of the manual. This manual will help you unlock the map.

The retrieved page is one of the essential manual pages. With this page at our disposal, finding your way into the complex Tunic gameplay is straightforward. You can make map references at any time if the manual doesn’t instruct you to get other important pages.

How to Open the Overworld Map in Tunic

The Tunic game world map is a part of the Instruction Booklet features in the game. You’ll have to gather more manual pieces as the game progresses. These pages reveal more tips, tricks, and map locations. After collecting all required pages, you make location references any time, and here is how to do it;

  1. Pause the game to go to the Main menu.
  2. Click on the Booklet.
  3. Flip through the booklet to see where to go next. The booklet also reveals navigation aids to help locate your destination quickly.
  4. Return to the game and use the provided hints to get to the specified locations.

Tunic wants you to figure out most of the locations, and the provided map doesn’t cover many game areas. The game offers players an Overworld potion that only reveals the surface levels. Use the portion to find your way to the East Forest, Mountain Door, and West Garden; these are the only locations available prior.

It is possible to unlock more locations, and you’ll have to collect the various pages hidden throughout the Tunic world. For instance, the steps above will help you get to Page 28 of the manual. There are more pages to locate.

The map is not a one-page leaf; it consists of various pages, and you’ll have to flip through to locate the desired areas. Its non-comprehensive nature brings out the heroic fox narrative the game wishes to achieve.

What Is in The East Forest?

East Forest is one the places where you can get access early in your Tunic adventure. There is more to this forest, and a Tunic game East Forest map presents a chance to collect points, make connections to other areas, etc., and here is a guide to East Forest.

  • East Forest Key Features

Your first mechanical challenge begins at the East Forest. You’ll have to get a sword to enter the forest. You must also get one of the two bells to open the Sealed Temple.

Apart from these tasks, you can take this chance to collect and visit some shrines, chests, and other in-game items, such as fairies. East Forest is the smallest main region in the game, and from here, you can quickly get to the East Belltower and Hero’s Grave. You can also go back to the Overworld from East Forest.

  • East Forest Enemies

East Forest is home to the Rudelings, creatures that use projectiles and spiders to attack and are easy to take down. You should expect to face a group of Storms and your first boss challenge, Guard Captain, who stands on your way to the Eastern Bell Tower.

The Bottom Line

Tunic has exciting gameplay, and its setting is vast. If you are tired of losing your way, you should get the Overworld map. This map will help you navigate quickly and provide in-game points, tips, and hidden items’ locations. Therefore, use this guide to learn where to find the Tunic Overworld map and how to use it. 

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