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Ultimate Ranger Challenge Nobody Saves the World

If you wish to increase your rank in Nobody Saves the World, you will have to take and complete various quests. These quests vary, and one of them is Gorilla Warfare. Gorilla Warfare is one of the intense challenges, and it is divided into two tasks.

The final task requires players to finish the Ultimate Ranger Challenge. This challenge happens at the King’s Range, and gamers must take on the Ranger’s form to complete it. The Ultimate Ranger challenge is the most demanding quest in its guild, and most players still need to get through. If this is your case, this guide breaks down what you need to do to beat the Ultimate Ranger Challenge in Nobody Saves the World.

What Is the Ultimate Ranger Challenge in Nobody Saves the World?

The Ultimate Ranger challenge is the final part of the Gorilla Warfare quest. This quest begins at the Round Table Tavern, Oldtown. Players begin the first part of the quest by returning to the Wormwood Roots and heading to the King’s Range. Afterward, the second part begins, which requires them to take on the Ultimate Ranger challenge to complete Gorilla Warfare 2.

How to Unlock Nobody Saves the World Ranger

The Ranger is where Gorilla Warfare 2 happens, and you will unlock it when your Rat’s Rank gets to Rank C. Nobody Saves the World ultimate ranger challenge Reddit players, you can get to this rank C by completing various quests throughout the game.

How to Finish Up the Ultimate Ranger Challenge in Nobody Saves the World

You will have to get a score of 36 to completely finish the Ultimate Ranger challenge at the King’s Range. There are 36 targets available at the range, meaning there is no margin for error; you have to hit all targets, and if you are to miss one, you will have to restart the task.

Therefore, if you wish to have an easier time, it is best to use the Ranger’s Dodge ability. This ability makes hitting the five targets placed on the same row easier. Nobody Saves the World allows users to strategize and use other forms and skills, allowing players to aim and hit different targets simultaneously. One good ability to hit all-black targets in the Blob Lob.

There are many other abilities to use, and feel free to pick one which you find the most comfortable. Making direct and strategic hits would be best to get all the targets.

Tips to Completing the Ultimate Ranger Challenge in Nobody Saves the World

There is no ideal way to beat this demanding challenge, and the best strategy is to use forms and abilities with more potential to aim at more targets. Nobody Saves the World game presents various options, and some of the best to use are:

  1. The Dodge and Charge Arrows

The Dodge is an ability that you should use to maneuver through the King’s Range easily. It becomes easier to dodge left and right, making it easier to get to the targets. In addition, you should have the Dodge ability to strategically place yourself in the King’s Range.

For instance, the first five targets come from your left. Use the Dodge ability to position and the Charge arrow to the targets. Immediately after releasing the arrow, Dodge to the right and hit the remaining targets using the Charge arrows.

The trick is to learn how to position yourself using the Dodge ability effectively. If you fail on your first attempt, try to take note of the target sequence, which tends to repeat, making it easier to predict. After that, the Dodge ability and Charge arrows are enough to get you to score 36 without having to make unnecessary switches.

  1. The Slug’s Blob Lob

Another practical ability to try is the Slug’s Blob Lob. This means that you have to change your form. After the transformation, hitting the five targets placed on the same row at once becomes easier.

These are only some options to beat the Ultimate Ranger challenge in Nobody Saves the World. For instance, you can use the Nobody Saves the World ultimate archer or the Robot’s Ravager’s Rocket to hit the targets. This equipment is effective, and it is also easy to move while holding it.

The trick to a successful Ultimate Ranger challenge completion is to master how to move and aim effectively. Once you learn these two moves, you’ll find it easier to progress. This, however, requires you to practice and perfect these skills. The good thing is that the Gorilla Warfare 2 quest comes later in the game, giving you some time to learn the game basics.

The Bottom Line

To improve your rank in Nobody Saves the World, you must beat the Ultimate Ranger Challenge. According to various gamer feedback, it is the most challenging quest, and players cannot complete it to progress. However, nothing is complicated about this task, and if you want to hit all targets successfully, all your answers are in this guide. 

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