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Weapons of Mythology New Age

If you are all about action games, have you tried Weapons of Mythology: New Age? If not, you’re missing out on a fantasy-themed game set in the chaotic Chu Han Contention. The game has been around for some time, and only a few players enjoy the exciting and intriguing contests.

Weapons of Mythology: New age is a comprehensive game that allows you to challenge or join forces with your friends and take on powerful rivals. The game is a must-play, and here is all you need to know regarding the captivating Weapons of Mythology: New Age.

About Weapons of Mythology: New Age

Weapons of Mythology: New Age is a free fantasy MMORPG game built using a Unity 3D Engine. The game presents a dark side featuring powerful rivals, and you’ll have to use the various powerful relics to fight them off. You can also seek help and join forces with pets that can take on human shape. The available game mode options include Single Player, Multiplayer, Online Multiplayer, Co-op, and Online Co-op.

One of the fantastic game modes is the exciting PvPs fights where you and your friends can put your combat skills to the test. Other interesting gaming options are the guild territory wars and epic boss hunts. Five character classes are available: Vajra, Solar, Ascension, Mist, and Lotus. Pick your ideal option to enter the Weapons of Mythology: New Age world, a space full of possibilities and surprises.

Weapons of Mythology: New Age gamers love the game’s flexibility and diversity. You can choose your preferred character, and each has unique skills and landscapes. Also, you can join or create a guild to challenge your friends.

The central theme of Weapons of Mythology: New Age is proper combat strategy. You have to formulate the ideal plan to take out the powerful rivals. Remember to get your pet ready to help you fight, run errands, loot, etc.

Weapons of Mythology: New Age Main Features

The game mainly focuses on two rival sections, The Jie and The Zhan. Both factions serve different kings, and the fight for the ultimate ancient relic is real. During war and chaos, the world needs a warrior who will wield the relic and become the true savior. During your Weapon of Mythology: New Age adventures, you’ll;

  1. Choose Your Path

The game lets players make choices that determine their destiny. There are various options available, and you are to choose the one you think is the path to being the greatest warrior. The five available character classes offer this flexibility, each with unique skills and challenges.

  1. Work Together

One of the favorite game mode options for most players is the multiplayer feature, which allows you to create a guild. The guild allows you and your friends to take on guild wars, reclaim territory, and become glorious.

  1. Collect It All

There are hundreds of available relics in Weapons of Mythology: New Age. Take on the intriguing adventure to collect the many relics, then unlock their abilities. The best strategy is to get a pet partner to help you with the relic collection. The more the two of you explore the lands, the more you’ll find and collect.

What Platforms Is Weapons of Mythology: New Age Available On?

The game is playable on PC and PlayStation consoles. Pc users can get the Windows version or enjoy the game via Steam.

Furthermore, Weapons of Mythology: New Age allows crossplay, meaning you can join forces with friends on other platforms different from yours through online multiplayer. A cross-platform game will enable players to interact and take on adventures together using different platforms. This is the case for this game, and the ideal to utilize the crossplay feature depends on the platforms you are using.

Weapons of Mythology: New Age Minimum System Requirements

Most Weapons of Mythology: New Age players are PC users who described their gaming experience as unique and magical. For those experiencing any issues or technical glitches, chances are that their device doesn’t meet the minimum system requirements:

If you wish to have a seamless gaming experience with this action-filled game, it is best to ensure that your device meets the following recommended system requirements:

  • Operating System – Windows 7, 8, or 10.
  • CPU – Intel Core i5 2.7 GHz
  • 4 GB RAM
  • GPU – AMD Radeon 7790 or GeForce GTX 560ti
  • DirectX – DX11
  • 6 GB HDD

If your device meets these thresholds, feel free to dive into the new immersive world and work your way to being the greatest warrior.

The Bottom Line

Weapons of Mythology: New Age takes you on an intriguing adventure in its chaos. You aim to defeat the powerful rivals to become the ultimate warrior. The game has an exciting and creatively done storyline that includes tagging along your pet on your way to the top. Thanks to Gamemag for this fantastic piece you can play on your PC or PS4. 

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