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What Does Determination Do Elden Ring

You are probably tired of the tough Elden Ring bosses that give you a hard time to eliminate. However, you don’t have to beat yourself down if that’s the case. All you need is a boost to the damaging effect of your weapons on the enemies. The good news is that you don’t have to worry if you’re in possession of the Ash of War Determination.

Determination gives you the extra boost needed to win the quests in Elden Ring and become the Elden Lord. However, there’s so much to learn about Ash of War Determination; its location in Elden Ring, how it works, and its effects. You can find all about Ash of War Determination in this guide.

What is Elden Ring Ash of War Determination

Determination is one of the many skills found in Elden Ring’s gameplay. Like the previous video games from the famous Dark Souls Series producer, Elden Ring is full of many mysterious and well-hidden secrets you must explore. Among these secrets are the numerous weapons with different capabilities, powerful magic spells, essential combat-enhancing items, and skills. These are essential to the game’s gameplay, considering it’s an action video game.

To become the new Elden Lord, you must battle and defeat powerful Elden Ring bosses. As a result, combat is very crucial in Elden Ring’s storyline. However, as noted, fighting some of the Elden Ring bosses can be challenging. Therefore, getting extra power for your weapons can do you much.

Elden Ring what does Ash of War Determination do?

Ash of war is a rare item in Elden Ring used to customize or change a weapon’s skill or the scaling value of different Stats. One of the essential Ash of War skills is Determination. Ash of War Determination can be used with all compatible melee weapons. The skill increases your weapon’s strength and agility, therefore causing more damage to the opponent. It also helps to decrease the basel damage. You should note that the determination skill costs 10 FP and cannot be charged.

How much does Ash of War Determination increase a weapon’s boost?

Determination boosts the power of the next blow by up to 60% and 20% for a critical hit, but the buff runs out immediately. If you don’t deal the blow successfully, Determination will last for around 10 seconds.

Determination is essential for pre-battle buffing but can also be used in the middle of a fight if you can get some spare time between the fight. This is a knight skill; use it to power up your next blow and cause more damage to the enemy.

Where is Elden Ring Ash of War Determination Location

Where can you find the Ash of War Determination? If you have explored the map, the Ash of War will be easy to find near a bridge located on the northern side of Agheel Lake. The Ash is a drop from the Teardrop Scarab.

Ashes of war, as noted, are used as magic and weapon enchantments in Elden Ring. The different Ashes of War are scattered all over the Lands Between. However, you’re in trouble if you don’t know the exact location to find them and rely entirely on luck. This is because Ash of War is one of the Elden Ring’s secrets; therefore, it’s hidden in chests or by dangerous beasts. In Elden Ring, if you don’t know the location of an item, what to look for, and the dangers involved, you may end up empty-handed. The statement is true, especially for the game’s many types of Ashes of War.

To locate the Ash of War Determination, you must make your way toward Limgrave; when you locate Limgrave, head northeast towards Agheel Lake. Next, you should rest at the Site of Grace and prepare for battle. The next move is to follow the path and make your way to the bridge ahead.

What lies on the bridge?

Once you reach the bridge and before crossing it, you will notice some characters and a scarab around the area. Your first instinct may be to attack the scarab at once and get the job done. However, if you start attacking it immediately, the other two enemies in the area will invade. Therefore, the first step should be to attack them first.

To do this, sneak silently to the campfire where they are resting, unaware of your presence, and attack the first one facing away. The attack should be stealthy and fast. You should make sure to get the job done in a single attack. The next move is to face the second, already furious enemy who’s now aware of your presence. Ensure you have a powerful combination of weapons and magic spells to take out the opponent quickly.

After eliminating the two enemies, the Teardrop Scarab will be all yours. However, there will be a bit of a challenge. Although the scarab is harmless, it will make it hard to get hold of it because it will keep rolling away. Weigh your options for easily capturing it, whether using a long-ranged weapon or chasing it as it rolls. You should be aware that the scarab will disappear if you’re not careful enough.

What Happens if the Teardrop Scarab Escapes?

After taking out the scarab, you’ll be awarded Ash of War Determination as a drop item. If the scarab escapes before you kill it, head to the Site of Grace, located on the northwestern side of the bridge hence resetting the encounter.

How to Use the Ash of War Determination

Using the Ash of War Determination is relatively easy. Before a fight, take the Ash of War and smear it on the weapon or character. It takes around eight seconds to activate; you should be cautious if you activate Ash of War Determination mid-fight.


Ash of War Determination is one of the most underrated skills in Elden Ring. This guide offers you the insight you need about Ash of War Determination. Follow the guide to locate and use Elden Ring Ash of War Determination.

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