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What Does Focus Do in Elden Ring

What Does Focus Do in Elden Ring

Survival should be your number one priority when you play Elden Ring. Players must develop their attacking and defensive abilities as they take on the unforgiving demigods of the land. One key defensive feature most Elden Ring gamers don’t make the most of is Focus. This attribute can be the difference between survival and death when facing frenzied enemies.

Therefore, it is essential to understand what it is, and here’s a complete guide on this defensive stat.

What Is Focus in the Elden Ring?

Focus is a defensive attribute that shields you against sleep and madness. The sleep effect is an evil spell as it renders you vulnerable to enemies who can take advantage and harm you. Unfortunately, there aren’t many characters who can do this, but this can be disadvantageous when facing the demigods.

Also, when battling frenzied enemies, they can transfer their madness to you. This madness is transferable from the soldiers, villagers, rats, hooded trolls, etc. You should avoid getting the Elden Ring stagger at all costs since the conditions deteriorate your health and focus points, making it unable to cast spells.

What Does Focus Do in the Elden Ring?

As you encounter these frenzy and sleep attacks, your Focus’s higher, and less damage is caused. The defensive stat makes it easier to withstand the spells, giving higher chances of fighting back. As much as it is effective, it is essential to know how to defend yourself from the assaults.

Can I Increase My Focus?

Yes. It is possible to increase this defensive attribute, resulting in increased resistance to sleep and insanity. Sleep shouldn’t be much of a concern since there are few enemies with the ability to trigger the effect. Madness, on the other hand, quickly spreads. If you have a higher Focus, you can easily manage the assaults.

How to Increase Your Focus in Elden Ring

You might have noticed your Focus levels improving without taking on extra in-game tasks. This is because as your game level increases, so does your Focus. It has a direct relationship with your Mind Quality stat, and once you enhance the mind attribute, you improve your Focus.

Another way to improve this defensive stat is to collect various in-game items, such as the Spiralhorn Shield, Clarifying Horn Charm talisman, Mottled Necklace talisman, Rift Shield, Mushroom Legs, Shield of the Guilty, Great hood headpiece, Mushroom Arms gauntlets, Shield of the Guilty, Astrologer’s Trouser, Fire Prelate Guanlets, Fire Prelate Greaves, Gold Waistwrap, and Cohryn’s Robe chest piece.

Is It Worth Upgrading My Focus?

As much as a player’s Focus improves as they progress through the game, it is essential to collect the above in-game items to improve your defensive abilities. In addition, increased resistance to sleep and madness will enhance your play style, and you’ll find it easier to complete the different levels.

For instance, if you invoke the Elden Ring, you might go insane. Therefore, you can easily manage the invocations with higher defense ability. On the other hand, those with lower Focus might get affected and rendered vulnerable to the many foes waiting to attack.

A higher Focus stat is advantageous if adequately utilized. You can also equip your character with various in-game armor to increase their resistance. Ensure you get the right armor combination if you want total control of the duels.

Is Focus Significant in the Elden Ring?

The Focus attribute is vital when facing certain foes with the “sleep ability” and prevents getting into a frenzy. You’ll need it in various game stages and duels, which is significant. However, if you are new to Elden Rings, there are specific attributes that you should turn your Focus to take down your enemies easily.

These three attributes determine your flexibility when playing the game and are good strengthening areas. They include;

  1. Vigor

Vigor is what determines a player’s chances of survival. Elden Ring grounds can be brutal, and players should prepare for enemy attacks. One of the best ways is to improve this defensive stat that makes it possible to sustain more damage without perishing.

There is a health bar on the screen’s upper left corner of the screen that indicates your vitality levels. Therefore, if you have a higher Vigor level, you’ll realize that your health bar is more resilient to damage than the one you started with.

In addition, the Vigor levels also determine your resistance to poison and fire. You’ll frequently encounter these harmful components in almost all game stages, and if you invest in a god Vigor level, you stand a better chance of taking out your foes. If not, fire and poison are hazardous and can easily take you out.

  1. Endurance

You can think of Endurance as your stamina bar. It is the green bar under the health bar. A higher Endurance level makes it easier to effectively perform various combat moves such as sprinting, rolling, and swinging your weapons frequently. These moves, especially using your weapons quicker, allow you to avoid death.

The Endurance level also determines your load. This means that if you have a higher level, you can equip your character with heavier and more powerful weapons and armor without sacrificing much mobility. Equipment such as the Bull Goat set requires players to have a higher Endurance level if they wish to stay on the battlefield longer.

  1. Strength

Strength in the Elden Ring is the primary defensive attribute. Players with higher strength levels generate more powerful blows from the regular swords. Therefore, getting more powerful sword options, such as the Greatsword and hammers, becomes more straightforward if you invest in your Strength. Here are some other attributes you should give priority:

  • Mind – to increase the magic meter
  • Dexterity – key when using curved katanas and swords
  • Intelligence – crucial when casting out many spells.

The Bottom Line

Elden Ring gameplay is all about attack and defense, and to survive, you need to be strong in both attributes. One way to do this is to increase your Focus levels. Focus is a defensive attribute that makes resisting the mentioned enemy attacks easier. Use this guide to understand the feature better and know how to use it strategically.

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