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What Is the Starfield Game About

The highly anticipated Starfield game is an upcoming RPG game by Bethesda Game Studios, the developer of some fantastic and popular games such as the Elder Scrolls and Fallout series. It is the game gamers have been waiting for to take them to their long-awaited destination in space.

Starfield is a few months from launch, and there has been a lot of talk about it, some true, others not. Here is a review that gives you a better and correct understanding of the game based on the official statements by Bethesda Gaming Studios.

What Kind of Game Is Starfield?

Starfield is a science-fiction game based in space, where humanity exists in the cosmos, consisting of multiple planets. The game’s plot revolves around the disparity between various factions, and the decisions the player makes determine the trajectory of the gameplay. According to the released trailers, the game begins over 30 years into the future when there is a cold war between two core factions, Atlantis and Akila City. The only way to discover what happens next is to explore Starfield.

You will also find other smaller alliances, such as pirates and corpus, and it will be interesting to play and see how they join or break to support a particular cause.

However, the released trailers and teasers reveal less and add more mystery to the story, and it is impossible to develop a clear storyline.

What Is the Starfield Release Date?

Bethesda Game Studios initially announced that the game was to be released on November 11, 2021. This, however, changed, and according to their statement made in May 2022, they announced the pushing forward of the launch day to 2023. The date extension gives you time to familiarize yourself and prepare as you get ready to explore outer space.

How Big Will Starfield Be?

If we compare Starfield to The Elder Scrolls, Skyrim, Starfield is bigger. Skyrim is an action-playing game that allows players to explore the land of Skyrim. There are caves, dungeons, cities, villages, fortresses, and towns, and each set includes specific jobs for the players to participate in.

Starfield’s map is significantly larger than Skyrim when measured in terms of the star systems and planets available. If we were to use the various games’ universes to compare, Starfield is more than one thousand times bigger since it features over a hundred star systems.

It is, however, essential to note that size doesn’t always reflect a game’s immersive properties. For example, Skyrim is smaller; however, its storyline consists of about 700 distinctive locations, creating an endless dungeon for gamers to explore. Starfield might not have such inter-world connectedness, but we should wait and see.

What Are the Unique Starfield Game Features?

Not much has been revealed about Starfield; however, key features are spotted in the released trailers. The game allows players to create characters and use their unique skills to explore freely. In addition, gamers can determine their character’s background, directly impacting how the storyline unfolds.

Starfield is an open-world game where you can get on a ship, explore the galaxy, and do other fun stuff. The game will be in first and third-person perspectives; As we saw in the previous game releases by Bethesda, we expect to see an encounter with NPCs. You should expect battles and alliances between humans, aliens, and robots.

According to a statement made by Todd Howard, instead of the game-defining the character’s limits, the players get a unique plot where they can explore and test the boundaries. In addition, Starfield gives you total control and decision-making as the game says ”yes.”

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