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What Role Should I Play in Dota 2?

Dota 2 is one of the most complex games you’ll ever play however, when you get a hold of it, you’ll understand why it is a fan favorite. The game features five heroes in each game, and players have to take on their unique roles.

If you are new to the game and unsure of your best option, this review highlights everything you need to know regarding these roles. Read through to learn more about all Dota 2 roles and which suits your playing style.

What Dota 2 Role Should I Play Quiz?

Dota 2 has an impressive hero collection. The game requires players to pick their ideal role and team up with other gamers before beginning their adventures. This is simple, especially for Dota 2 game veterans; however, beginners can have difficulty picking the ideal position.

Each of the available roles has its responsibilities. Therefore, if you don’t want to let your team down, it is best to know these positions. Here is a quick overview to begin with:

·        What Is the Easiest Role in Dota 2?

The easiest role might be position 1, Carry, and the ideal option for beginners. This is because the part is the most durable. After all, they receive protection from the Hard Support, position five. Some players prefer other places however, only a few are always willing to take up the number four role.

·        What Is the Hardest Role in Dota 2?

The most demanding role in Dota 2 is position 4. This is one of the most challenging game tasks since players have to play and move all over. The role’s main responsibility is to act as the team’s guide and act as their vision.

Dota 2 Roles Explained

Below is a complete overview of all available roles in Dota 2 and their responsibilities. Use this information to help you pick and perfect your playing position if you wish to help your team to victory.

There are five playing positions in Dota 2:

  1. Carry or Safelane

Dota 2’s first position is the Carry, also known as a safe-laner. This role determines if the team wins or loses that game. The player who takes up this position is to secure the team with as much gold and experience as possible. A team with an adventurous and experienced player in this role collects resources faster than their opponents increasing their chances of winning the game.

  1. Mid-laner

The second position in Dota 2 is the Mid-laner; as the name suggests, the player who takes on this role does solo lanes. Their part is to oversee the team and help out any of the other two lanes where things might not be going great. Also, they can amplify the farms, which allows them to make early kills while playing on the sidelines. Players who choose this role will always unlock level 6 faster than others.

  1. Off-lane

This is arguably the most important role in Dota 2. The hero taking up this position should be aggressive and ruthless. This is because their task is to harass the other team’s Carry player and prevent them from getting the farm. In addition, they also have to secure towers early, extending the map for other players.

  1. Roaming Support

Here is a role that most Dota 2 players tend to avoid. The Roaming support role is to act as the eyes of the team. The main objective is to be on the lookout and explore the map to learn the enemy’s whereabouts. Other responsibilities include attempting kills and making rotations.

The player who takes on this role is usually tasked with contesting the 6-minute or 4-minute power rune, where he faces the mid-laner. These responsibilities become manageable as one attempts to perfect their playing style.

  1. Hard support

The final position is Hard Support, and the task for the respective hero is to secure the player taking on the Carry position. The carry hero faces threats from the other team’s roaming support and off-laner, and the Hard support has to protect them.

The other team will attempt to overextend, and the gamer tasked with the number five role is to initiate and scare them off. If role number five isn’t well taken care of, there are higher chances that the opposition will take out the safe-line hero.

After understanding these roles, it is easier to pick your match. This information is beneficial during competitive events such as the International Championships. Team members can effectively assign themselves roles based on their playing styles and attributes. A successful team is one with gamers who execute their positions to their best.

The Bottom Line

Dota 2 is a complex game with many mechanical demands, and these attributes cause beginners to take time before they fully understand the game. The first step is understanding the game basics, such as the available roles and responsibilities. There are five roles, and this review highlights each in detail. 

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