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What to Do in Minecraft When You Start

What to Do in Minecraft When You Start

Do you want to test your skills to adapt and survive in an unknown, strange land of uncertainties? Unleash your hidden creativity by playing Minecraft, a sandbox game where you’re taken into a new world. You must adapt, explore, survive, and make a living. Minecraft tests your creativity, skills, survival, and exploration abilities. Creating a world and managing it can be challenging in the beginning. However, it gets interesting and easier as you progress. If you’re starting the game, you may wonder what do you do when you first start Minecraft. Panic no more. Learn all this and more below.

What to Do When You Start Minecraft

Despite the game being around for some time, this can be your first time playing. Therefore, you may worry about what to do when you have nothing to do in Minecraft. It can be overwhelming the first few days. Luckily, there’s much to do to kickstart your journey in Minecraft. To start you off, the first thing in Minecraft should be building a new world.

Creating a new world and customizing your play mode using the different available options is the first step in Minecraft. The first option to consider is the mode. Minecraft offers you three modes:

  • Survival– this mode puts you in a world where you must fend for survival. You must gather all the survival resources to survive in the game.
  • Creative– in this mode, you begin with all you can create or find in the game, meaning instead of the inventory screen, you get a selection screen. You don’t need tools to destroy blocks since you can crush anything in one hit. Also, your health bar doesn’t decrease, nor can you die from jumping off cliffs or walking on lava. The amazing thing is you can fly.
  • Hardcore– this is like the survival mode but more difficult. Also, you have only one life in this mode.

What’s Next After Selecting the Mode?

After selecting the modes, the next step is choosing the difficulty levels. The level of difficulty increases from peaceful to hard. The difficulty levels include:

·        Peaceful

·        Easy

·        Normal

·        Hard

After choosing all these, it’s time to generate your world. Unfortunately, you don’t know what to expect. You can find yourself in a desert, an island, a green land, or in the middle of nowhere. You must adapt and survive in your surroundings. When you start the game, the effective hack is to watch your step to avoid walking on lava or falling in caves.

What to Do When You Start a New World in Minecraft

After creating a new world, a whole ton of possibilities await you. You may get stuck on what’s next after that. There are several steps to ensure you survive your first session/day in the game. Below are a few beginner steps to walk you through your first day in Minecraft.

Find Wood to Create a Crafting Table

Wood is an essential commodity in Minecraft. To obtain wood, you need to punch a tree until it falls. Gather enough logs, open the inventory, and turn them into planks. Take four planks into the mini crafting grid and build a crafting table.

An important note is to replant the saplings that fall from the tree to regrow new trees. You can also obtain fruits as you’ll need them later to replenish your health.

Creating Tools

The next step after building a crafting table is to start building tools. The first tool should be a wooden pickaxe. To craft it, use the gathered wood. Crafting may be challenging; therefore, using the crafting guide will play a great role.

After crafting the wooden pickaxe, use it to mine stones. The stones can create better tools, including a stone pickaxe, hoe, ax, sword, and shovel.

Building a Shelter

A shelter is essential for protection from the beasts during the night. You’ll hear music, and dusk falls as the sun starts to go down. Creepers, skeletons, and zombies will roam in your environs, ready to attack. 

The basic shelter is built by digging into the ground or hillside and picking blocks to build a wall around you. However, later you’ll require a more comfortable shelter with a bed. To build a bed, you must kill or shear a sheep and use the wool.

Gathering Food

Tasks you undertake in the game deplete your hunger meter. The hunger meter is located on the bottom right of the screen. Therefore, you must take food to replenish your health. Different difficulty modes will affect the hunger meter differently.

You can find food by killing animals and eating meat. Cooked meat will provide more energy than raw meat. However, to cook, you must mine coal from the fields.


Surviving in Minecraft is easier if you follow the basic steps noted above. After surviving your first day and night, you can start crafting better tools and mining more ore. Also, explore the lands, find caves, and raw materials, farm, breed animals, and locate villages. 

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