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Where is Pidia Elden Ring

NPCs are a common feature in most open-world video games. NPCs offer different services, including; interacting with the player to reveal tips about the quest, will others act like merchants to sell you essential items in the game, while others will be part of the quest. For Elden Ring, this is no different. There are many various NPCs in Elden Ring that you can find as you explore the Lands Between. One of these NPCs is Pidia, a Carian Servant who plays the role of a merchant. However, getting access to Pidia is not an easy task due to his hidden location. Below is where and how you can get to Pidia in Elden Ring if you’re stuck on how to locate Pidia, Carian Servant.

Who is Pidia Elden Ring?

Before exploring where to find Pidia, it’s best if we first understand his role in Elden Ring. The NPC Pidia is a servant of the Carian royal family residing on the rooftop of the Manor building. Despite being the family’s housekeeper, he’s also a secret merchant who will sell you valuable items on conviction. Apart from being a merchant, he has no other significant role in the storyline. However, the items he has to offer makes him an invaluable part of the game.

As a Carian Servant, Pidia is responsible for the puppets stored in the Manor. Although you can’t fight the merchant, a tragedy happens when his human puppets kill him later in the game. You can find this in the Lunar Princess Ranni’s quest. His death occurs after the death of Seluvis. Seluvis dies after he’s betrayed by Ranni or due to the end of Ranni’s quest. The puppets will then be left masterless and turn on Padia, their keeper and kill him.

You can witness this at the Cerulean Tear Scarab, and after his death, loot the following items;

  • Pidia’s Bell Bearing
  • Dolores the Sleeping Arrow Puppet
  • Nepheli Loux Puppet

You can get either of the last two items and not both of them, depending on what happened to Seluvi’s portion.

Where is Pidia Location Elden Ring

You can find Pidia at the Caria Manor in a room located on the balcony of the Manor Lower Level Site of Grace. Since the entry is sealed, you can only access the room through the rooftop. However, you first must pass across the Three Sisters area to get there.

Where can you find Caria Manor?

As noted, to find Pidia, you must travel to the Caria Manor area on the map. As a result, you may wonder where Caria Manor’s location is. You can find this vast royal estate at the Liurina of the Lakes. There’s a high guard; you should be well-equipped if you visit it.

You are probably familiar with Liurina of the Lakes since it’s a significant location in Elden Ring, and you’re therefore aware of the powerful enemies in the area. Apart from Caria Manor, the other key site in this region is the Raya Lucaria Academy, famous for its powerful magic spells and high-level enemies.

How to Get To Pidia Elden Ring

When you enter, take the stairs to the top. Take the next exit until you reach the Manor Lower Level Site of Grace. You’ll find another set of long stairs that will take you to the lift. Beware of the Fingercreepers guards in the building. Therefore, make your moves as stealthy as possible to avoid any confrontation.

The lift will take you to a room on the Manor Upper Level with an exit leading to a big circular pool where you’ll find the Royal Knight Loretta. Be prepared for a boss fight.

Defeat the Royal Knight and head to the Three Sisters Area. When you get here, make your way to a cliff by the side of the hill and drop down to a collapsed building. Watch out for the Cerulean Scarab, which will indicate where you should jump.

The last step is to locate a ladder nearby and use it to access the roof entrance to Pidia’s room.

 What Are the Items to be Purchased from Pidia

Once you have located Pidia’s location, you’ll find him on the floor, bowing. Try talking to him, and on the second trial, he will let you purchase the following items;

●       Budding Horn

●       Slumbering Egg

●       Old Fang

●       Larval Tear

●       Ritual Pot

●       Ashes of War: Carian Retaliation

●       Celestial Dew

●       Glintstone Craftsman’s Cookbook

●       Black Leather Shield

●       Ripple Blade

●       Weathered Map

The Weathered Map showing the Amber Straight will only be available for sale if you have reached a certain level in the questline. Use the map for Seluvi’s quest. However, you can purchase the Weathered Map before meeting either Seluvis or Ranni.


Despite Pidia, the Caria Servant, not being actively involved in any quest in the game, locating him is an important task. You’ll purchase numerous items from his store and loot other vital items after his death. This guide ensures you don’t get stuck trying to locate Pidia in Elden Ring.

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