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Where to Buy Blood Arrows Elden Ring

In Elden Ring, you need powerful and effective weapons to survive the brutal Lands Between. One of these practical weapons is the Blood Arrow, which allows you to target and inflict damage from a distance. The arrow reduces your risk of getting damaged during battle by allowing you to position yourself strategically and then take out your enemies.

The thing about Elden Ring is that the game wants you to figure everything out on your own, and it is possible to miss these essential arrows. You’re in luck, and below is a guide to show you where to buy fletched blood arrows Elden Ring.

Where to Buy Blood Loss Arrows Elden Ring

Elden Ring has several collectibles, which you can purchase, collect, or craft. Among them are the blood arrows, which allow you to take down enemies from a distance. You’ll find many other arrow types, which you can combine in your inventory.

You can purchase the Blood Arrows alongside the other arrows. There are merchants across the Lands Between who’ll sell you these arrows, and you can quickly get them whenever you run low on your inventory. Note that the merchants below will require you to trade 20 Runes for the blood arrows. Therefore, if you’re looking to buy the Blood Arrows, here are the merchants to visit and their locations;

  1. You’ll find Merchant Kale at the Church of Elleh (Western Limgrave).
  2. Visit the Roundtable Hold and purchase the arrows from the Twin Maiden Husks.
  3. An isolated Merchant at the Weeping Peninsula will sell you the arrows.
  4. Go to the Hermit Merchant’s Shack and get the blood arrows from the Hermit merchant.
  5. Many other nomadic merchants are located at Siofra River, Mt. Gemir, Coastal Cave, Limgrave, Liurnia of the Lakes, and Caelid.

The blood arrows cost 20 runes. If you’ve tried Elden Ring, you know how difficult it is to collect Runes. However, you can save yourself some runes and craft your blood arrows.

How To Craft Blood Arrows In Elden Ring?

Elden Ring allows players to craft various items from the main menu, including the Bloodbone arrow. Pause the game and open the Main Menu. You’ll find an “Item Crafting” menu allowing you to make your blood arrows.

However, you’ll have to get a Crafting Kit which you can purchase from Merchant Kale for 300 runes. Three hundred runes might seem like a lot of money, but this kit allows you to craft many other items besides the Bloodbone arrow. It is going to save you more in the long run.

After purchasing the Crafting Kit, return to the main menu and click on the “Item Crafting” menu to begin. The menu lists all Elden Ring items you can craft and the required ingredients. Most of these ingredients are flora and fauna; it is best to look out for unique bushes, flowers, etc.

For our case, we wish to craft the Bloodbone Arrow, and we will need three Thin Beast Bones, one Bloodrose, and one Flight Pinion. Once you collect these ingredients, use the Cracked Pot in the crafting menu to craft your Bloodbone Arrows. Make as many as you want and update your weapon inventory.

Are Blood Arrows Powerful in Elden Ring?

Blood arrows are not among the most potent Elden Ring weapons. They are essential items that you can use to perform basic attacks on your enemies. The main benefit of the blood arrows is they allow ranged attacks on enemies.

You’ll also need to have a bow and arrows as ammunition. The pair allows you to inflict damage, especially when facing hostile opponents effectively.

There are advantages to close and long-range combat. For instance, close combat is ideal for causing more health damage, although it increases the risk of getting your HP reduced. Ranged combat, on the other hand, keeps a safe distance between you and your opponent; however, it takes a while to finish them.

Therefore, the trick is learning to switch between the two playstyles. Elden Ring is home to some hostile and powerful bosses, and you need top-tier attack and defense abilities to survive in Lands Between. An effective strategy is to practice using the blood arrows alongside other mighty arrows. Mix your style of play with close combat and ranged shooting to improve your battlefield versatility. You can practice these skills with small enemies and the guards at the site of grace, which are easy to deal with.

The Bottom Line

There are various places to purchase if you’re looking to upgrade your weapon inventory with the blood arrows. Many merchants are willing to sell you these arrows for 20 runes. If you’re low on cash or wish to get many blood arrows, use the guide above to craft your Blood Bone arrows, as many as you want to. 

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