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where to find gold firefly elden ring

Where to Find Gold Firefly Elden Ring

The Lands Between is full of incredible collectibles that will make your Elden Ring adventure more manageable. One of these items is the Gold Firefly that you will find during your exploration of Lands Between. As its name suggests, it is a golden firefly that emits lights.

However, there is more to it than the light-emitting abilities, and here is a guide that provides all the information you need to know about the gold firefly in Elden Ring, from where to find it to what it can do for your quest.

What Is the Gold Firefly in Elden Ring?

The Golden Firefly is a crafting item. It produces a golden light, and you quickly notice it from a distance. In addition, the golden light has magnetic magic properties, and you can use the Gold Firefly in Elden Ring to invite Runes.

Where’s Elden Ring’s Golden Firefly?

According to Elden Ring’s description of the Gold Firefly, players can locate the Gold Firefly next to the water bodies close to the Minor Erdtree. The fly is a crafting item that respawns after resting at any site of grace. Its golden light is significant, and you can see it flying around the water bodies. You’ll find many Gold Fireflies at the Weeping Peninsula, Altus Plateau, and Limgrave.

You can also find the Golden Fireflies in various farm locations such as;

  1. The farm South of Tombsward site of grace, Weeping Peninsula. You can expect to see about 11 Gold Fireflies in this location. You need to be cautious when you explore any place in Elden Ring. For this farm, beware of the Octopus present in the pond.
  2. The farm southeast of Mistwood Outskirts site of grace, Limgrave. This location is much safer, and there aren’t tough enemies to attack you. You can expect to find about 9 Gold Fireflies at this farm.

So, what next after finding the Gold Fireflies in Elden Ring?

How to Use a Gold Firefly in Elden Ring?

A gold firefly is an Elden Ring crafting material, and you can use it to make a Gold-Pickled Fowl Foot. To make this item, you’ll need one gold firefly, Rowa Fruit, and a four-toed fowl foot. These are the required ingredients for designing the Gold-Pickled Fowl Foot. You’ll also have to get the Missionary’s Cookbook before you can begin the crafting process.

You can purchase the Missionary’s Cookbook at Murkwater from Patches. You’ll have to wait for him to finish his shop set-up before making your purchase. Another alternative is to kill Patches and collect the bell he drops. Take the item to the Twin Maiden Husks, and you can trade it for the Missionary’s Cookbook.

How to Craft the Gold-Pickled Fowl Foot in Elden Ring?

After finding the Gold Firefly, you need to get the Rowa Fruit. This fruit grows in most early and mid-game locations in Elden Ring. It is easy to recognize the Rowa Fruit bushes from a distance through their red-orange berries.

The final requirement is to find the Four-toed fowl foot. It is also easy to acquire this item. There are chances that the foot will drop from the Guillemots or Eagles that flock at the Elden Ring cliffs. You’ll have to be strategic when getting the foot since one wrong move can cause the birds to fly away. For instance, you can initiate a ranged attack to get the four-foot fowl successfully.

After you collect all three ingredients, you can make the Gold-Pickled Fowl Foot you desire.

How to Use The Gold-Pickled Fowl Foot In Elden Ring?

Your quest to find the Gold Firefly is to craft the Gold-pickled fowl foot. After following the above steps and preparing your desired foot, you can use the item to boost your Rune income for about 3 minutes.

Runes are currency players receive in Elden Ring after completing or attempting various tasks. Players also get Runes after defeating their enemies and can use them to upgrade their characters or purchase other items.

Players risk losing their Runes when they die twice. Unfortunately, there is no limit to how much a player loses, and if you wish to survive the intense Lands Between, you need more Runes. Therefore, crafting the Gold-pickled fowl foot will help you recover these losses.

This item increases the number of Runes you can gain by 30% for 3 minutes, meaning you get 1.3 times more reward for each successful defeat. The Gold-pickled fowl is a great item to use to farm Runes.

The Bottom Line

The Gold Firefly is one of the required ingredients when crafting the Gold-pickled fowl foot. This foot maximizes your rune income by 30% and is a great way to get more rewards. In addition, players can use these runes to upgrade their characters. Therefore, if you wish to farm for these runes, use this guide to find the Gold Firefly and other required ingredients, such as the Rowa Fruit and a four-toed fowl foot. 

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