Attract Mode is a video game collective comprised of game makers, film makers, designers, artists, and journalists.

Adam Robezzoli is the founding member of Attract Mode and a co-founder at New Tropics.

Adam Robezzoli

Matt Hawkins was the east coast rep for Attract Mode 1.0, and still helps curate the shop and our events. He’s also a video game designer, journalist, advocate, and zinester.

Matt Hawkins

Cory Schmitz is a graphic designer. He worked on Sound Shapes for the PS Vita & PS3. He tries to make things look nice.

Cory Schmitz

Maré Odomo makes comics about feelings. He lives on a hill in Seattle and his favorite pokémon is Bulbasaur. <3

Maré Odomo

Derek Yu is an artist and game designer who worked on Aquaria and created Spelunky. He also runs The Independent Gaming Source, an indie game community and blog.

Derek Yu

Tiff Chow is a game developer in development who is a friend to all games.

Tiff Chow

Steph Thirion is a graphic designer and musician who was recently abducted by videogames. His last broadcast was the iPhone game Eliss, and certain signs – most notably the site hosted at www.playfaraway.com – suggest that not only is he alive, but a new broadcast is now imminent.

Steph Thirion

Paul Owens is the director and co-founder of the filmmaking collective 2 Player Productions. He also performs chip music as part of The Shortsleeves.

Paul Owens

Asif Siddiky is the Director of Photography and co-founder of the filmmaking collective 2 Player Productions. He also designs artwork for the band Infinity Shred and has released music of his own as part of the duo Greenleaf. He will cook food for you at some point.

Asif Siddiky

Phil Fish is everything that’s wrong with indie games.

Phil Fish

Eric Caoili spends his free time partying hard at beloved handheld game blog Tiny Cartridge.

Eric Caoili

JC Fletcher writes about games as half of the Tiny Cartridge team.

JC Fletcher

Ted Martens is a co-founder and artist of Hex-Ray Studios, and a game designer who created Fireplace.

Ted Martens

Zach Gage is a designer, programmer, educator, and conceptual artist from New York City.

Zach Gage

Evan Shamoon is a Videogame Enthusiast, dimestore Nietzsche, and the proprietor of giantmecha.com.

Evan Shamoon

Superbrothers Inc. was initially established in 1951 in Minsk, Belarus (formerly the Soviet Union), their most notable creations were The 53 Stations (1957), The Garden of Earthly Delight (1961), Sword & Sworcery (1963 – 1966) and The Alpinist (1967). A collection of photographs and specification documents are now on permanent display at the Maksim Bahdanovic Literary Museum & on the internet at superbrothers.ca.


Kris Piotrowski is the creative director and co-founder of CAPY. He lives in Toronto, enjoys watching netflix from his bathtub and tweets mostly about taking weird dumps.

Kris Piotrowski

Aileen Viray is a creative free-thinker about the social architecture of videogames and an enigmatic beat maker.

Aileen Viray

Diego Garcia is an independent game developer and visual artist based in Brooklyn, NY. He creates absurd works as a way of expressing his thoughts on social interaction, food, life, love, death, and more food. He also likes sipping beer from a can under the stars.

Diego Garcia