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God of War Zeus Son

zeus son

Zeus is the most interesting character in the God of War game series. He is an almighty god of sky and thunder known for his unique powers, physical appearance, and many other attributes. Zeus has a soft spot for women,…

God of War Zeus Voice Actor


God of War is a fan-favorite series thanks to the amazing storyline and the dedicated cast who bring the game to life. One of the notable characters in the series is Zeus, the main antagonist of the GOW series. He…

Hellblade Vs God of War

If you are looking for the ideal single-player experience on Norse gods/goddesses and mythology, Hellblade and God of War are two of the best options. Those who have played these games have been keen to highlight that their gameplays are…

How To Beat Hades in God of War 3

how to beat hades in god of war 3

In the action-packed video game God of War III, players take on the role of Kratos’ revenge against those who betrayed him. The third installment in the popular series finds Kratos battling his way through the Underworld to face off…